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Someone is messing with my property

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Danhendo888, Jul 26, 2015.

  1. I live in a block of units which has underground parking (there are individual numbered garages + spare spaces + ample street parking). Recently, someone (I don't know who) snapped my rear indicator light off, left rubbish on the tank and spat on my bike cover (I bought the cover after finding the rubbish). I have a zx6r and I'm the only bike owner here and I only ride it once a week, so I'm not causing noise pollution etc.

    This morning I found the bike had been pushed forward about 3-4 metres from where I parked yesterday. I'm assuming it's one person.

    What would you do next if in my shoes, apart from asking for cctv footage?
    (I've already asked real estate regarding this)

    Serious answers only please.
    Thanks people.
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  2. padlock through disk brake for a start, i've been in the same situation...turns out they weren't fuking with it,they were seeing how to knock it off.testing the water so to speak,as soon as i went to town securing it and making it next to impossible to move ect. the tampering stopped...
  3. Finding the culprit should be your first priority, but you should also consider extra security for your bike. I have heard of a lot of bikes being stolen from apartment block car parks. As your bike has been moved, it may suggest that someone tried to steal it. If possible, I would secure your bike to a fixed object with a chain or cable and also lock the rear wheel with a disc lock or something similar.
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  4. Are you parked in a spot where it's difficult for other cars to get into their own spots or are there neighbours you had disagreements with in the past. These would be my first suspicions, next would be kids playing in the garage who are bored and are causing trouble. Last resort would be to install a small camera and check footage after it's been on a few days. I live in a similar style of apartment so try to park my bike away from where cars are likely to drive to get into their own spots. So maybe see if you can move you bike to a more isolated spot first.
  5. find out who they are
    break their arms and legs
    yes I am serious
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  6. #7 cjvfr, Jul 26, 2015
    Last edited: Jul 26, 2015
    I'd be wary of thise last option Bugz, If someone is trying it on with intention to steal you may make their job easier by moving it to a quieter spot.
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  7. if it happens fairly often, find a dark corner and sit with a piece if 3/4" steel bar, some redbull, and an extremely bright torch. call the cops, and take pictures to upload here :D

    umm I wouldn't recommend hurting them, but restraining them with fear is a good option.
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  8. hire one of those clowns from youtube that scare people with the hammer and the fake head smashing...

    But get some disk locks, that should scare them away before they take your bike :(
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  9. Do you guys own dashboard cameras? I need a recommendation for a decent one.
    Some people recommended trail cameras but I think a dashboard camera might do the job. Specifically, I would park my car facing the bike. I remember the footage being quite good based on those Youtube car crash videos I've seen recently.
  10. pretty much any camera will do, something like a 720p quality would be enough, the biggest thing would be lighting as some cameras are really good at night while others are pretty shitty. other things you would need to consider are:

    1.Size of memory card as you will probably recording overnight, something like a 16Gb should be enough for a 720p camera.
    2. finding a camera that will record using battery power and works independently from a ACC/RUN signal from your car as most of them power up using the cig lighter port in the car.
    3. again lighting.
    4. Check if the camera comes with Night Vision abilities, some do, some dont.

    You can expect to pay about 100-150+ for a decent camera with some good features. Hope that helps
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  11. Perhaps an infrared movement triggered camera used for animals etecetra. Mount it up on a wall near rthe bike up high enough that you need a ladder. Have seen them getting down to $200 ish. Aldi even had one a few months back.
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  12. I like Al_CamAl_Cam's suggestion, as well as the use of a disk lock and/or big ol' chain. Not only will you make the bike hard to move , you'll catch the person in the act.
  13. Ask gruegrue what he would do.

    I recommend one of those 50000 volt anti tamper devices.
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  14. a strategically placed bin?

    Or CCTV/alarm.
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  15. Man I'd camp until I catch that prick
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  16. If you're gonna do this, you want to have something worth recording. Set up a mp3 player and amplifier/speaker to go off at the same time with a recording of a shotgun being cocked, and an authoritative voice along the lines of "On your knees and hands on your head, cock-sucker"
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  17. A .44 magnum...and saying Do I feel lucky punk? Do you feel lucky punk? Well do ya punk...
    Or a recording like a phone call saying that you have the organ donor in sight... Yes, heart, lungs kidneys and corneas... and he is ready for collection now... ;)
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  18. tell the local coppers you think someone is trying to steal your bike? been moved etc.
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  19. Agree with above. No one has mentioned journalling the incidents for future purposes of proving the incidents. Even just taking photos.

    It doesn't sound to me like someone is trying to steal your bike. Spitting and leaving rubbish has nothing to do with the bike. It's too personal, but may not be directed at you, just riders in general. I could be wrong on this point.

    Certainly reporting the incidents will do nothing right now, but when you do catch the person (and believe me, I really, really hope you find the bast@rd) you will have a record of events to help the police prosecute as they will have your reports. .
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