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Someone is either very bored or very crazy!

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by [Freddy], Mar 4, 2009.

  1. Posted around Windsor.......




    ....there are quite a few others as well.
  2. Absolutely love it!
  3. I got a giggle out of them.

    They'd make my day if I kept finding them on the walk to or from work.
  4. Very nice! Got a good chuckle out of the powerpole one. Got any more?

    (I'm sure we can violate the three image rule just once.......) :demon: [-o<
  5. 5 images it is now apparently, so here is a couple more plus a link!



    Clickety clickety click
  6. Now... step two is to see if "craig" actually rocks up. I'll put in for the cupcakes. :grin:

    (edit: or even do a response poster!)
  7. Good find Freddy. That is very funny.
  8. Has uni started yet?
    Seems like something Uni students would do.
    Funny stuff :)
  9. Got them in an email today.... here are some more:


  10. haha, quite good
  11. Good on em. I appreciate any effort to make the world a more interesting place.
  12. Hmm, guess it killed a bit of boredom :)