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Someone in Melb please help me fix my bike.

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by tailsy, Jul 30, 2010.

  1. Hi, I'm just wondering if someone could please help me out here.

    I'm looking for someone who could help me do a small job on my bike. It is backfiring and won't start so I'm assuming it is the carbs or spark plugs but I'm not good with bikes so I don't know how to fix it myself.

    I know it is a big ask but is anyone willing to come and help me fix it please?

    Thanks I'd greatly appreciate it.
  2. location, type of bike, age of bike etc?
  3. Ha! " a small job" !!!!! what makes you think that?!!
  4. 1993 Honda CBR250RR...

    I am near Chadstone shopping centre.

    In regards to it being a 'small job'.. someone reckons I may have fouled my sparkies or that the carbs need to be looked at??..

    Please, I'd appreciate it. Sorry to ask.

  5. Doubt that fouled spark plugs will cause backfiring. Backfiring is usually caused by incorrect timing but can also be cause by leak at the manifold.

    Happy to be corrected by some of the more experienced spannermen

    Could we have some more symptoms please? Backfiring but not running...When you try to turn it over is it just going bang and not starting at all. Or is it starting but running badly with backfiring?

    And when did this start? Has it been coming on gradually? Did it just suddenly happen? Did you do anything to the bike before it happened?
  6. hmm i would think it was timing.

    there is some good instructions in the tech section for testing spark plugs etc. go do those and at least you will know your plugs are okay, and your one theory down on the path to being fixed.
  7. A "small repair" on a CBR250 is a contradiction in terms. Just getting the carbs off the engine and overhauling them properly takes 4 - 6 hours.

    Still, it's not all doom and gloom and since I don't want to be accused of an unconstructive post, here's a Haiku:

    Forum member sad.
    Honda CBR wont go.
    Small fix will cost heaps.
  8. Hello again, I'd greatly appreciate it if someone could please come over and help me out. :) I can try and help you out in other ways - I'm a qualified personal trainer.. or can cook you some nice food as a thank you!
  9. Any other clues as to what might be wrong with the bike? Was it running ok and gradually got worse, did it get worse all of a sudden, or did you buy it as a non-runner?

    When was it last serviced? Do you have the workshop manual? Have you checked any of the basics?
  10. I last got it to work about 2 weeks ago. I'm not too sure what is wrong with it. I didn't start it in about 2 weeks I suppose and maybe the bike didn't appreciate that. :(

    I've had a fair few problems with it in the past with it not wanting to start and I've had people pull it apart and fix it and it worked for a bit. I got it serviced about 6 months ago.

    Which basics? I'm not good with bikes and don't like to play around with it myself 'unsupervised'! I got a habit of making things worse. So if you could help me out I'd greatly appreciate it. :)
  11. When you say people have pulled it apart and fixed it for a bit, are they mechanics or numpties like me?

    When it started two weeks ago, did you ride it? Did it accelerate as it normally would? Did it idle ok?

    Try reading this - http://www.dansmc.com/troubleshooting2.htm

    If you get stuck on any part of it, feel free to ask questions, but it's probably time to pay a pro to fix it.
  12. I seem to remember someone asking for a mechanic to service their bike in exchange for personal training sessions about six months ago.
  13. Yeah.. I had no takers.. are you interested?

    In relation to two weeks ago.. I did ride it that time and it seemed to work fine once it warmed up. The person who looked at it back then knew a fair bit about bikes.
  14. Do what other people like me who know nothing about bikes do.

    Suck it up and take it to a mechanic. :nopity:
  15. 1. Personally train people for money
    2. Use money to pay for mechanic
    4. PROFIT
  16. Offer people money or beer...you might get more bites.

    Backfiring sounds like timing, though popping which can be a similar noise is caused by the carby.
    Popping on deaccel, generally means its to lean.
  17. You're going about this all wrong.

    Step 1 is to make people think you're a hot chick.
  18. Hahaha. WIN :D
  19. ahhhh yes the old furry cheque book

    Has paid many a debt