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Someone I met at the Formula 1 GP 2008

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by vic, Apr 9, 2008.

  1. I just had to share. ;)

  2. ? Who is it?
  3. Who cares?!?!?!?!

    She is the daughter of one of the drivers in the Historic Demonstration held at teh Aus F1 Gp. She walked up and asked if I would mind if she "hung around" wit me whilst her father was on track.
    Nigel from the Williams team and I were going out Saturday night so we asked her out but withdrew the invitation when we discovered she was all of 16 years old *damn*
    Cetainly the most amazing girl that graced pit lane that weekend.
  4. Security ?
    Should'nt you be keeping old blokes away from the young girls?? :grin:
  5. I'll secure that!!!!!!!!!!! :grin:

    Then a cell afterwards :cry:
  6. I should contact my Solar Panel research mates !

    . . . check out the surface reflective index !! :eek:

  7. It was specially shined for the occasion. And Vic with a tie....wow.
  8. But you'll note the top button isn't done up and he's managed to tie it on top of his lanyard :LOL: So relax, its all good :grin:
  9. See, I'd bone that.
  10. Yes we know that's how Vic made you moderator :rofl:

    And the girl? :p
  11. Hmm... Jason made me a mod actually.... :shock:
  12. c'mon Vic, give us her nationality as a starters of knowing who she is !

    Is she NP-Jnr's sister ??
    (thought because of her latin complexion)

    Is Nelson Piquet Snr still alive to be racing in the Historic series ???

  13. Is there a tie, a button and a lanyard in that shot?
    You're supposed to be looking at her, not me ya twit.........
  14. Her name is Ebony something.....

    Her father isn't NP senior, he is still alive but not racing in the historics.

    She's Australian ;)
  15. Sorry :LOL: I didn't actually see you in the pic until cejay pointed out you were there.

    Better? :p
  16. Nope. FAIL!!

    You lose :p
  17. Wow... she is stunning!

    Even I as a girl, judging only from that pic, would not have said she was 16 :shock: at least 18...

    Some young girls these days dress themselves up so much you would be forgiven to think that they were legal - oops i meant 18+ :p
  18. Yep, just like this one at the cricket! EVERYONE in the crowd was turning around to have a look, so the boys on our bucks party decided she should jump in a photo with the buck, to which she happily agreed with, later to find out she was only 16!!! and mum had sent her down!!!! God bless Australia!!

  19. Id happily do hard time for either girl.....
  20. Go you halves~ 8-[

    Seriously though, i dont remember chicks looking like that when I was 16!!