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someone has too much time and money....

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by nibor, Oct 25, 2009.

  1. just found this on another site.



    PS, i cbf editing the image size, and since the site is designed for people with tiny resolutions, you'll just have to click the link.
  2. honestly, it looks awful.
  3. There isn't a word for 'ugly' in the English language that is adeqaute to describe that.
  4. I dont think that bike is going for a beauty contest... it's out there to strike fear in the hearts of mortals who were unfortunate enough to cross paths with it. I like it.

    I can imagine the seas parting for this bike to come through
  5. Bah, fair weather rider by the looks.
  6. Definitely unique!!!!!!!
  7. That thing looks like the hideous jumper your bearded Granny knitted you for your birthday.
  8. I think it's pretty cool, very different...

    Wouldn't be caught dead riding it though:p
  9. +1. It looks mental. Not purdy but its not trying to be, not even trying to beg for attention, just commands absolute respect and obedience. I bet foot long flames come out of those pipes. Note to self: add afterburner to future project bike
  10. Surely you are all joking? How can you call this ugly? It's amazing.
  11. its not exactly good looking. Amazing and beautiful are not synonymous. Kinda like harleys/OMG members, far cry from being pretty, yet there seems something intimidating and powerful about them.

    The hayabusa looks like dog vomit yet still has that air of power/poise about it
  12. Not for me -- way, waaaaaay too busy.
  13. You see, for mine, a rat bike is not supposed to be shiny...

  14. i like both of them and agree with others, it is going purely for the tough guy look
  15. Looks like someone took to a nice bike with a 9 inch angle grinder
  16. Ok, whatever you think.................