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Someone give me a synopsis of the Corby show on Ch9 !!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Mickyb V9, Jun 22, 2008.

  1. I saw 10mins of it and fell asleep.

    Can't be F'ed watching it.

    We all know she is guilty !!! . . . GUILTY !!!!
    So did they uncover new shite ? Or just Ch9 on the ratings hunt !
  2. I've taped it, so I'll give ya a run down after I've watched it.
  3. Considering the amount of money Ch9 spent on the Corby case, I suspect they'd want to maximise return on their investment. With the publicity surrounding the Mercedes Corby defamation thing to give it a bit of profile, I'd bet ratings.

    Yes, I'm a cynical bastard, and probably talking out of my arse, not having watched it, but then, I also don't have much interest in watching dim bogans f$%k each other over for cash.
  4. For some reason I read your thread title as the 'Cosby' show...probably would have been a whole lot more interesting :? :p
  5. Just finished watching it, found it quite interesting as it was filmed by an independant company and no one in the film was payed. A lot of footage and conversations that havent been seen.

    Not much was really uncovered that we dont really know, hopefully the 2nd part will show us more.

    It's different as it shows the inside story in an unbiased way. We dont just see the innocent, sweet, crying young girl that covered our newspapers and news for months. We see a different side of her, one in which will perhaps change the opinion of many Australian's who believe she is innocent.
  6. Yeah, we also see here preparing her "act" for the cameras as the sweet, crying young girl.
    It's also very interesting to watch the eyes and body language of some in the doco when they're denying certain claims.
  7. I can't stand the sister with the horses teeth and the whiny voice.
  8. :LOL: :LOL: say what you mean Rog' don't hold back.
    Micky, hang on a couple of days, it'll be everywhere once Ch9's had their exclusive.
  9. :LOL: :LOL:
    I watched it for about 30 min .. got bored
  10. Rove was good with the Steve Corelli interview then formula 1 then the bikes on 10HD
    Schapelle Schmapelle, farkin ferals the lot of them.
  11. Did I hear right this morning on the news, that the lawyer made up the whole baggage handler thing?!
  12. I watched some of it.

    Really don't know if she's giulty or not... but if what they're saying about how the evidence has been handled is true, the case should be thrown out anyway.
  13. You did
    It was reported in the sunday rags in an interview that the lawyer used the baggage handler angle as a defence without any substantiation.
  14. If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck...

    There are soooo many holes in the story. If she's not guilty, she's taking the fall for someone in that family.

    I doubt if Indonesian law enforcement agencies would use DNA testing and finger printing, as they dont have to prove it hers. They just have to prove it was in her possession at the time of importation and she admitted it was hers. They dont have to prove intent to trafik or anything like that.
  15. The way I see it...

    If shes innocent then I feel for her MAJORLY! If shes guilty... Im pretty sure shes been through enough for it to be considered as punishment enough!

    Either way she should be let free soon(ish).

    Each to their own.
  16. The doco indicated that the pot was in two bags. An inner and an outer.

    AND that neither one was fingerprinted.
    One would think that any evidence from the interior bag - fingerprint, human hair, skin cells [dna test?] would prove beyond a doubt she was involved/not.

    ... but this just has not been done.

    Why not?

    It bloody well should be before big decisions are made. Don't you think?
  17. Only proves whether she was knowingly trying to import the drugs, doesn't change the fact she was in possession of the drugs.
  18. but isn't that the point...i mean if she was knowingly importing well enjoy the 20yrs, not knowingly, well i mean how easy is it to put something in a persons bag, whether it be family member or not
  19. The only reason that she gets airtime, is cos she's a bit pretty, with titties. That pig ugly "Bali 9" girl gets none of it.
  20. And how easy is it to notice that a foam body-board has suddenly gained an extra 4.5kgs.
    The fact that her step-brother had kindly offered to carry the bag for her seems somewhat suspicious to me.