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..Someone forgot their headcheck...

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Tweetster, Aug 19, 2010.

  1. Good to see him/her with all the saftey gear on too.
  2. WOAH! ... ummm... :rofl: sorry but that was hilarious!!!!!
  3. Of COURSE you should brake when you realise you've just thrown yourself in front of a car! lol... numpty!
  4. Was it just me or did it appear the driver of the car was a) Speeding and b) Had no intention of stopping until he hit the scooter?
  5. HAHAHAA that's what I was thinking!
  6. wow..nice safety gear!

    i see dickheads riding in the city (no offense to QLD riders but i saw HEAPS of scooters up there) who DONT use any safety gear other than a helmate. Saw one riding in bordies with thongs..i mean serious..just jump of a bridge because you will be ****ed if you come off
  7. Yes doesn't excuse the rider but the numpty in the cage wasn't paying attention to the situation either.
  8. So who do you think would get the blame in a situation like that? Or equal payment/insurance payouts if it was that bad?
  9. No, he did a headcheck. It's a bit late when you're on the bonnet of a car though.

    If it had been a real bike, he could have accelerated out of that situation. Braking didn't help much :rofl:
  10. maybe a, but I doubt it, and definitely not b. He was braking and on the horn as the guy started moving over. Made the standard mistake of braking hardest towards the end not at the start, but only someone with training would know how to do that properly.

    I doubt it was a) because traffic had just come from a stop and they were speeding up. He just sped up faster. 13 seconds from crawling to braking, he might have been doing freeway speeds if he was pushing it, the rest certainly weren't.

    The rider deserved everything he got in that one.

    Barefoot... ouch...
  11. Nah he wasn't barefoot - He had his safety thongs on. You can see them fly off his feet when he get's tagged.

    Fun Ha!
  12. Firstly, you could see something was up just by looking at how close the rider was to the car in front of him before getting taken out.

    As usual the driver would have been in his own little world and not noticed things going on around him.
    No effort by the driver to swerve right before collecting the rider.

    Lastly, driver leaves his car in the fast lane (or any lane for that matter).

    Still, the scooter riders fault for not checking, but seriously. Blind Freddy could've seen this one coming.
  13. I have to admit that I temper my protective gear to the circumstance.
    Going to work on a 25c morning.............gloves and jacket
    Coming home 30+c .....................minimal clothes
    Highway always jacket, jeans and gloves.
    For me it is a risk I take to wear less or no protective gear in Townsville due to the heat. Many of the scooter riders are on those silly 50cc things for which they have to have no formal training due to (eligibility), if holding a car license.
    I know the risks for riding without protection. 50cc newbies are probably oblivious.
    :::reminder to self: wear the gear!!!!!!
  14. headcheck done once the bike had crossed into the right lane, no indicator and then hits the brakes..nuff said about the gear..he got off very lightly all things considered. You would think that after riding past a serious prang (at the start of the vid) you would be a little bit sharper about your surrounds and the price for in-attention...at least for a few minutes...he was right up the quoit of the car in front of him too.
  15. This is all true, but also you can see the car remains at a constant speed until it's too late. I'd question whether the driver was on his game or maybe looking at the accident he passed in his rearview mirror or something else also. If he was looking foward, he should have eased off a little as soon as the bike started moving over. Could have made all the difference.

    That clip is typical of everyday little bad habits that creep into most people's riding/driving.
    The problem is that 99% percent of the time, nothing ever happens while those bad habits build until one day, a combination of habits, timing, etc turn into an accident.
  16. Scooter rider is an idiot.
  17. Will remember this when you **** up next.
  18. that's rather uncalled for. i found it hilarious, yes, but i also feel for the guy. i mean, he didn't head check, he's right up the guys arse in front of him, and then he slams on the brakes - pretty damned stupid. and i can laugh about it cause he seemed unhurt and was able to walk/run away.

    however, my favourite part was the last second with the guy getting out of his car on his mobile phone.
  19. How can anyone see this as being anything but the rider's fault? The talk about how the driver should have reacted better makes me want to rage. I bloody hope no one here puts their safety in the hands of the drivers around them. Assume no driver is ever on their game.