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Someone explain please - 2009 R1

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Takamii, Feb 3, 2010.

  1. So is this a standard colour scheme available in Australia -- as its not shown on the yamaha web site

    because me thinks its time to upgrade


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  2. I've definitely seen those getting around Melbourne.
  3. The red frame was used last year, for 2010 model they went with a more subdued look and the frame is now black. Their website shows 2010 models - for once it's up to date :)
  4. aha -- thank you people
  5. I am very very seriously looking to update my r1 to a red frame 2009 model

    anyone want to share their experience about this model - good and bad
  6. nothing to report, just get 1, nothing bad about them, 2nd highest selling bike in oz, 2nd to hyosung by 4 bikes rofl
  7. Hyosung is the best seller ?

    talk about opposite ends of the scale
  8. only because they are a cheap lams bikes, all about the dollar for 1st place, all about the quality in 2nd, whos on 3rd, whats on 4th
  9. cheers Goz - appreciate the input

    I REALLY REALLY want a red frame 09

    now what to ask for my 16,000km pristine 99 with all the bling etc

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  10. to trade in, you would be really pushing hard to get $5500, private around $7500 HTH
  11. HTH ? 7.5 is what I thought would be fair - not interested in trade in to seem them sticker it for 7500
  12. HTH = hope that helps
  13. It does Goz - and I appreciate your time and input
  14. Low km original model in good nick... maybe keep it for collectable value? Coffee table ornament?
  15. Really depends what state your in mate haha,

    If your in Vic i might have to buy it off you haha!

    What do you guys recon, FZR250 to FZR600 to R1?

    or am i missing something?!?! haha
  16. My thought exactly... a couple of years down the track it might really be worth something. I'd keep it if at all possible.
  17. Yeah I was thinking about keeping it as a collectors item but will it actually be considered a collectors item ?- seems all bikes devalue - no jap sports bikes go up in value at all that I have seen
  18. 1600km per year? :eek:

    I'd sell it - it would take at least two to three decades before it's worth something as a vintage bike, and maybe not that much (remember, a 70s Bonneville, which has such broader desirability than this bike will have, only goes for $7-10k). In the meantime everything functional is going bad with age, no matter how well you store it.
  19. I'd keep it and ride it... if you dont ride the current R1 whats the point of dropping 18k on a new one.

    or lend it to me and ill put some k's on it for you.
  20. new one gives me a boner