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someone did something bad

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by roundabout, Nov 18, 2005.

  1. Boy, talk about being picked on...... :LOL:
  2. LOL, leaving them in is a nice touch, adds a bit of class y'know? :LOL:

  3. LOL, nice :p Audi-ya come up with them Paul? :)

  4. A jealous ex maybe ? It actually adds character .
  5. ooooooooooooccccccccchhhhhhhhhh :eek: :eek:
    A few new panels required, and they left the picks behind!
  6. I'm not amazed that someone took to a car with a pick, I'm amazed that they had more than one.
  7. How about the poor guy in the hardware store, when a crazed female comes running in asks for half a dozen of the stores sharpest picks...
  8. Or if she was blonde - went into the store to buy a shovel but got confused when told to "take her pick" (yes old, bad joke)
  9. Nah, that definitely has a disgruntled employee feel about it. It looks to me like the company car at work. I'd say an ex or a unhappy wife would get much more personal that doing in the car. Pick axes is definitely a blokish thing to do, it would be stilettos if it was a woman. :D
  10. Well it's a mattock of deep thought, now you ask......
  11. Looks like Bunnings had a special on Picks :)
  12. Audi eh. Couldn't have picked a better car to do it to. :LOL:
  13. Road rage at it's finest, if you ask me. :p
  14. Well I told the b@stard not the cut me me off!!!!

    (amazing how many pick you can fit in the man-bag 8) )