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Someone deliberately tried to hurt to hurt me!

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by peacerider, May 3, 2010.

  1. Has anyone encountered someone deliberately opening their door as you lane split?Thats what happened to me on Hoxton Park Road Liverpool.I stopped naturally after going around the door and turned to face the driver....(middle aged young red hair ...red goatee aussie) ((hows that for racial profiling))anyhow, I was a bit shocked and then he said to me(because we where stopped at this stage...lights about to go green) "you give bikers a bad name,you shouldn't do that"...anyway i managed to gather my thoughts and let him have it....basically I said, who the hell does he think he is to tell me what and what not to do.I then got a beep from the guy next to me ... the light goes green, I give him the finger.....now what concerns me is that he used his vehicle as a weapon because of whatever gripe he had against me....This is just too insane....I am really pissed off and frightened at the same time....no I didn't get his number plate.I am a 38yro old been driving cars for 20 odd years and riding motorbikes for about 5 years.

  2. It wasn't deliberate, but I have had someone open the car door in the middle of the road before!!

    Was filtering to the front at red lights... then all of a sudden the passenger door of the car in the RH lane at the front swings open.

    At first, we both reacted well (I began to emergency stop and slapped my thumb onto the horn - he heard and jerked back into the car to get out of the way). I wasn't going very fast anyway, so stopped before I would have hit him (heart going a million miles an hour!!) at which point he gets back out of the car and gives me a serve:
    "What the F%$# are you doing, this is the middle of the road!!".....

    Strangely enough.. that's exactly what I was thinking... you don't get out of a car in the middle of the f*ing road and then tell someone else off dumb-arse!!
  3. Yup it's happened to me before once too. I got off the bike, and opened his door for him and let him have all of my vocal abuse. I told him where to shove it, and we shouted for about 5 minutes. I then slammed his door on him, got back on bike, and rode off.

    I won't go into details but basically I had 3 people get out at the next set of traffic lights asking me if I was okay, and they saw exactly what had happened and were furious with him. They got his number plate and reported him.

    So yes, it happens. But it's only happened to me once in 3.5 years, and once to you in 5 years... so it musn't be tooooo common... which is VERY good.
  4. i normally get the whole nudge the car over to block the filter. I simply swap sides :)
  5. Yeah...I do the same, but the deliberate opening of a door...thats pretty radical, and the hide to say "have I got a problem?" What a tool....I wish I was a black belt in Karate or something....I would have been feeling alot better tnite.
  6. Loud pipes are the go. Sit beside them, idling away. Nice and noisily.
  7. Who's the bigger tool? The tool who acts like an idiot, or the tool who REacts. ;)
  8. The tool who almost kills you is the bigger idiot. Reacting reduces the chances of them killing another rider later on.
  9. Well said, I really hope he dosn't make a habit of doing this, because he will get his ass kicked oneday.
  10. Yep happened to me many years ago, when I was more placid than I am these days. The guy leaned across and opened the passenger door to block me.
  11. It's jealousy right?
    But what gets me is that he said,"you give bike riders a bad name", surely he's not a bike rider, because a motorcyclist just would'nt do this!

    MMMmmmm me thinks that he's a Harley rider or such, and that it's just his way of telling us sensible commuters that we just don't belong....where not cool enough or something.](*,)
  12. =D>
    You have been riding a while yes?
    Just in case and for the newer riders some people get annoyed by this, so if you are on the left and switch to the right watch for the opening door when you do it. I have the advantage of being quite big and very ugly so when I got off the bike and walked up he shut it again in a hurry, no words exchanged just a look, that is the only time I have had a door opened on me. Most drivers are quite courteous really you get the odd bad nut but hey, that is life just take care and you should be fine.
  13. get the occasional young prick who'll lurch forward and pretend he's about to pull out in front of you at a roundabout or intersecting street for his own amusement.

    heart skips a beat.

    (or, i could be paranoid and just think they did that on purpose.... meh, paranoid is good)
  14. your my doppleganger!

  15. Live not far from here and I've been riding for about 19 year. One thing I've observed in Sydney is the further you get from the city the less tolerant drivers are of filtering bikes. when I filter out our way I turn my idiot sensors up to about 11.

    Also remember that Boganville lines one side of Hoxton Park road.
  16. I've had plenty people give me the finger while splitting when the cars are all jammed up.

    I was in a convoy of 4 bikes heading back from Rosebud one night, the riders didn't know each other but we all took the same line weaving our way up the road. The cars must have been almost stationary for a good 10-20km's.
  17. I wouldn't get in the habit of reacting to dipsticks regardless of if you are in the right or not, escalating an incident in an environment where they can do more harm to you then you can to them is just silly.
  18. Is it that much of a hindrance for bikes to filter through traffic?
    I just can't understand from the driver's point of view how it would affect them in any way unless the bike gets too close and a mirror gets clipped.
    Must be jealousy I guess.

    Do appreciate the drivers that do see me, and move a little to give me way. Thumbs up!
  19. ^ +1

    If anyone clearly moves to make room I always acknowledge if safe to do so.
  20. I believe filtering bikers become a target for cager's frustration at being stuck in traffic. It's basically "If I have to sit here and wait, so should you." A similar attitude to those drivers who sit in the right hand lane of a freeway doing exactly the speed limit and refuse to move over left because "I'm doing the speed limit so you have no need to go faster than me".