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Someone asked me "why"?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by NiteKreeper, Apr 2, 2012.

  1. Sunday
    7.00am: I wish I got a bit more sleep. Make a coffee, check the weather forecast, shower and suit up. Gear was prepared last night so I just slip into it and adjust the armour around my knees.
    Mrs K is still asleep so I kiss her forehead gently, tell her I love her and I'll see her for dinner...
    My mind clicks gently into first.

    8.05am: Forgot to oil the chain last night! A quick squirt of lube and then she fires up with a low, menacing "GRRrrrrrrrrrrrr"
    Lock up while she warms up, helmet and gloves on.
    Throw the leg over, sidestand up and toe her into first with a satisfying "clunk".
    In my mind, I've just changed up to second.

    8.15am: After fuelling up we ease onto the freeway on the way to the meet point, cruising along happily at "about" the speed limit. It's not cold, but I relish the chill of the morning air through my helmet vents. The rising sun on my back is starting to feel warm.
    The machine is in sixth gear.
    I'm still in second in my mind, and the wind noise in my new helmet is annoying me a little bit.

    9.10am: I'm 10 minutes late to the meet, and everyone's standing around waiting for me. Looks like we have about 8 bikes but several groups are meeting here and I'm confused. I'm really happy to see one old mate, but disappointed not to see a couple I'd expected...
    After shaking hands and renewing old friendships, we start our engines and roll onto the road. I've "instructed" the group I'll be taking it easy and they should pass me at will.
    Mind into third: Now we're riding...

    9.40am: After passing, then being passed by another group, I'm letting them lead but not letting them forget I'm there. This section of the route is easy, and although it's still early I've fallen into a nice rhythm. Only one, or maybe two of my group have kept up. I don't care... (I don't realise it now, but one of my group is being chased by the group I'm chasing!)
    I have to concentrate now; I'm in fourth...

    9.45am: I'm relaxed and enjoying the ride; the wind in my new helmet is noisy but I'm not hearing it.
    I crest the hill onto my favourite straight, pin the throttle to the stop and plant my chin on the tank; from here I can see the road ahead and my speedo, but nothing else.
    I watch with glee as we climb through 200, 205, 206... I feel like a god.
    I hear a high-pitched screaming, and at 208 I'm passed by a Hayabusa as if I'm standing still. I'm awed but not shocked, and realise I'm in the groove today myself.
    Fifth gear, in my mind...

    10.30am: First stop for coffee and bacon and egg rolls. I need the fuel.
    Realise that the fast guy on the motard is part of my group. This is gonna be fun...
    Tell some stories, take some photos - there are plenty of nice bikes here today...
    Maintain fifth gear through the stop.

    11.30am: After leaving the stop, three of us haul arse through the most technical section of this ride. We are seriously quick and I make mistakes. I learn quickly and correct at the next corner. I'm keeping up and could probably even pass the Gixxer.
    I have enough time to check my speed after the "advisory" signs, and note we're doubling them and then some through the corners. I know it's of no importance and is just a number - I'm feeling the road in all it's bumpy goodness...
    I'm in sixth, and I've forgotten everything else - I have become one with the machine, and although the world around me is chaotic, I am at peace.

    3.30pm: Where the hell did the last few hours go? I turn for home full of endorphins and confidence, and all of a sudden I'm late, and there are some nasty-looking clouds on the horizon?!

    4.00pm: I forgo the fun road home for the freeway. I carve it up because it looks like rain and I'm not carrying wets. I'm still flying and get home in record time, still buzzing.
    Everyone thinks I'm some kind of maniac, I can tell.
    But they don't realise I'm still in sixth gear in my mind, and I feel like I could ride through them in my sleep...

    I wake up tired. Very, very tired...
    But I'm still pumping from yesterday's ride.

    That's why.
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  2. nice blog NK :)
  3. "I think there's something in that for all of us"
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  4. Nice , there's nothing like getting your mind in gear. Better when there's no false neutrals. If people can't understand why after your explanation, there's not much hope for them.
  5. you lost me at Sunday....

    lol top read mate.. sounded like a great day had by all..
  6. .... If they asked why.... They do not understand... and possibly never will!!...:wink:
  7. You just took me away from my work desk and planted me on the road. Thanks =D

    If you edit the $2.05 down to some loose change then i'll forward this thread to her next time she looks at me like i'm a wierdo when i'm next perving on a two wheeler as it flies by.
  8. Nice one Kreeps.
  9. See my sig...thanks Joel!

    Btw..great read NK
  10. geeze mate, underneath that hard exterior you really are a softcock aint ya.. nice bit of blogging....
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  11. I'm just trying to articulate the feeling we all get.
    Please don't mistake it for softness ;)
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  12. wheres the punch line bloke? :D
  13. I'm not trying to derail the thread, and I can identify well with what you wrote, and enjoyed it. I'd just be interested to know when you're in sixth, and chin to the tank, how do you do it without a little bit of fear that Mr Plod might take your licence away for a very long time.

    I enjoy winding the throttle a little in places carefully chosen, but I know that if I lose my licence I'm screwed rather badly, and hence I never see anywhere near what my bike is capable of.

    Just interested to know, tis all.
  14. Never mind the noobies, I fizzed.
  15. Fair enough...
    When I'm in "sixth", nothing else matters. I don't think about controlling the machine, and I certainly don't waste time thinking about plod.
  16. If you're still thinking about that, then you're still in fifth. :grin:

  17. I have never once been asked why I ride. I just get the usual ignorant rubbish about how bikes are dangerous. Usually from a woman who I know is a spectacularly crappy driver.
  18. It's not what you do, but where you do it 8-[
  19. Great read NK. I think NR needs a section to cover write ups like this. Good stuff ;)
  20. Correct!