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Somebody punch me please

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Roarin, Feb 15, 2006.

  1. Dropped the KTM off yesterday for its 1000km first service. Went back & picked her up tonight. Oil changed, valves adjusted, air filter cleaned, spokes re-tensioned, chain lubed etc etc.
    Top notch service at a very reasonable price :grin: Went for a bit of a spin on the demo 640 supermoto while I was there. Purely in the interest's of scientific analysis mind you. Geez those things are fun. Bit of a bark to them with a set of akrapovic pipes fitted. More snappy than my SXC off the bottom. (the SXC will tear the @rse out of it over about 1/4 throttle though :LOL: ) Yarned to the mechanic for a bit & then hopped on my bike and headed off for a bit of fun. Got to the first intersection. Hmmm, she's idleing a bit quick. Bit sluggish off the mark too. I thought it was supposed to go better after a service. Pulled up at my mates joint. Crikey she's idleing fast. Backed off the idle screw & shut her down.
    After a couple of hours of good conversation & the consumption of a couple of beverages I could hear the bike calling.
    Fired her up. She runs for a couple of seconds & stops. Hmmm. Try again. Bit more reluctant to start this time. Won't idle at all. Whats wrong says my mate? Fuel is on. Start looking at carby. Doh :oops: :oops: Choke is pulled out. Push it in, fire up & we're off. Yee haar. All is normal. Better than normal in fact. Please somebody punch me. Must not forget choke. Must not forget choke.................

  2. Here ya go then......... (insert hard and fast backhanded bicth slap here)
  3. A very friendly backhand, upside the head from Seany. :grin:
  4. Reading through your story I initially thought it was another dodgy mechanic thread...glad to see it isn't.../enforcer punches Roarin
  5. moto-tech?
  6. Yep :grin: :grin:
  7. Big fella behind the counter always seems like a fairly straight up nice bloke.
  8. Good bunch of blokes in there. I like the smaller, personal almost old fashioned style of bike shops where you can talk to the staff/mechanics & not get fed shit. :grin:
  9. Did you readjust the idle?