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Somebody please lay it all out for me...

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Lobsta, Aug 10, 2008.

  1. What exactly is involved with On Road Costs? i hear it thrown about, and when i ask a salesperson, they say the word 'stamp duty' mumble for a bit, pretend they are doing math in their head then usually without fail say a price 500-700 bucks more than the pricetag. my questions are

    a) what are dealer's ORC's? specifically,

    b) do the same costs apply to privately sold bikes? if not, which ones do

    c) how about getting rego or a RWC for a private sale? what costs are there, assuming that the bike will make roadworthy? should i just demand that the seller gets a rwc and add that price to it?

    I am in queensland, so hopefully a fellow banana bender can enlighten me, unless the same charges apply Aus wide...

  2. Ah yes, the infamous ORCs. Not just something to do with 'Lord of the Rings'. Dealer delivery charge, registration and stamp duty. I suppose the last 2 might not apply if you're a farmer and want it unregistered but really, I ask the dealer for the ride (or drive) away price. All other is irrelevant to me. If I'm trading in I just want to know the changeover price. I don't care how they structure the deal.
  3. Private sales are basically what you can negotiate with the person you're dealing with. Here in NSW you'll pay duty [2ish percent of purchase price?] when you go to register it under your name/transfer the rego over and the rego for bikes here is $100 a year.

    Compulsory insurance adds up to $380ish dollars depending on the size of the bikes engine [<100/101-300/>300].

    If its an unregistered bike you'll need a mechanical inspection [blueslip, $40ish?] before the rego.

    I don't know the QLD costs at all, but figure it can't be more expensive than down here and if it is then not by much.

    Hope this is of some marginal help!
  4. I don't know about the way bikes are delivered, but cars come delivered with things that are not connected alot of times, ie battery, ac linesetc. They also have stickers over the screen and interior with identity markers.

    Dealer delivery is getting the car/bike in showroom condition.
  5. Dealer delivery for a bike ,here is NSW is about $800.
    For a big bike.
    Most of that is rego and the Tax {stamp duty}.

    On a new bike if the dealer is asking for more, is charging you to prepair the bike .The bike comes in a box and needs to be unpacked and might come with only alittle oil and dirty and the handle bars might need to be put on and it all double checked ,so they want to charge you for it.
    Which you say ,pfft STICK IT in your arse. :LOL:

    Take my bike for example ,suzuki website says $10,000 for the bike only.

    One dealer wanted $10,700 for the bike ..they want to charge you $700 to finish putting it together .

    WRONG ..its $10,000 for the finished product . :mad:

    Same with cars ,all have batterys ,how else do i drive it off the ship :p .

    And 3 hours for a first year apprentice to wash it remove stickers and take plastic off the seats and put 5L of fuel in it.

    Cost for apprentice $40 pay.
    and $1460 profit from the sucker who payed it. :mad:
  6. For private purchases in Qld there is stamp duty on transfer but it's only a couple of hundred bucks, if that - I think for my $4700 Bandit it was under $100. It's illegal to sell a registered vehicle in Queensland without providing a Roadworthy Certificate, and I'd strongly recommend that you require this in any purchase. A lot of sellers say 'ready for RWC' and expect you to get it yourself, but that's fraught with danger once you've already paid for and taken delivery of the bike and then discover there's a hidden $1000 job to be done to get it roadworthy.

    ORCs - one more reason a secondhand bike is almost always a better deal.
  7. Yeah, I once bought a bike unregistered/without a RWC (knowing there was some stuff that had to be done). Ended up being a $900 job including RWC certification. :shock:
    Although this included general stuff like a new tire and plugs.

    Not only do you need a RWC when selling a registered vehicle, in QLD it has to be displayed on the vehicle if the vehicle is displayed (there's a fine if its not).

    Stamp duty was.... 3%? Not much on a bike at least.

    BTW getting a roadworthy isn't expensive if the bike is fine. I can't remember if the mechanic even specifically charged me for one. So there's no reason why all sellers shouldn't have one (except if they know there is something wrong).
  8. Just thrash out a ride away deal. New or used it doesnt matter.
    All you need to know is how much money you need to hand over.
    How the dealer records it in the books doesnt matter to you.

    I basically rode away at the RRP and had a few things thrown in as well.