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Somebody please help! My portable Aircon is flooding my room

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Camel Salesman, Jan 1, 2009.

  1. I bought this Portable DeLongi 3000WATT Portable Air conditioning unit on wheels. Used it for the first time today in my room left the house for a blast on my bike, came home and my floor was completely covered in water...

    IT's coming from the machine why the hell is it leaking so much freaking water how do I empty it

    Help Its leaking as I typpe this ffs

    used 3 towels in 1 hour.

    P.S: Turning it off is NOT an option if you are not aware it is 40 Degrees here in Perth....
  2. RTFM

    At a guess I would say the emergency tank is full .... is it particularly high humidity in Perth at the moment? I'm assuming you have one of the "no drip technology" mono portable cooling units?
  3. Dun have one, didn't think i would need it for some stupid box with 4 buttons on it so threw it out with the box... :cry:
  4. Air conds dehumidify, i.e they take the water vapour from the air and collect it in their water tray.
    You need to either
    1. empty the tray periodically
    2. let the water drip into a bucket so you empty less often
    3. attach a hose the the tray drain and run somewhere it can drain away.

    Or read the manual. :)
  5. Build an ark
  6. the internet is your friend

    Look HERE there are other models on there too

    HINT: download the PDF that says "instruction manual"
  7. that is still a LOT of water...
    wonder where is it coming from??

    have you tried ringing the guys you bought it from?
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  9. M8 I was just looking for this tray then that you suggested I assume it looks like a printer tray yeah? Well there is no tray there is a small hole in the machine where water is leaking out of don't know if I should block it with some blu tac incase the cap fell off....

    I am onto my 6th towl now... the last three I had to sneak from the bathroom if my mum found out, ohh thats a story for another time..
    Put a tray underneath it or attach a hose and lead it to a bucket or something.
    The air is humid so the air conditioner is doing its job.
  11. I can't tell if this guy is taking the piss or not.

    It reminds me of a joke post a while back about the water-cooling of computers (which is legitimate and safe if done properly) where some guy taped up his computer and filled it up with water, and then wondered why it didn't work. It was a joke of course, but some people actually believed that the guy really was that ignorant.
  12. No Joke here sir, I've quickly made some modifications to try fix this because I am scared that if I leave it over night I am going to wake up with a massive puddle so ive done the following...

  13. It's becoz of Climate Change.
  14. You're going to have to use c-mode until it all dries up!
  15. De longhi make coffee machines.
  16. Hey Camel Salesman, use atroops link to the manufacturer and download the manual.
    The hole that you have put the hose in is supposed to be plugged. You probably threw out the plug with the manual. Under the heading “End of seasons operations†it says remove the cap and to put it back after the tank is empty.
  17. According to the manual, the hole is meant to be plugged.

    The unit is meant to evaporate the water buildup over the condensation coils.
  18. Re: Somebody please help! My portable Aircon is flooding my

    Before the internet, before electrickity, man lived. Man lived where there was ice, man lived where there was desert. Suck it up princess ;)
  19. Do you reckon he's drowned?
  20. Nomineee in the "Funniest Post of 2009" category, already???