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some1 to teach and ride with

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by cbr-princess, Oct 28, 2008.

  1. Hi everyone,

    I just got a bike. I wondering if there was anyone who would be willing to give me hand in learning and some1 to some riding with.

    I am located in Reservoir (melb).

    If there is ne1 willing please drop me a line.

  2. I would, but I am on the other side of the world!
  3. I'm not very far from Resevoir. I'll be doing more riding (apart from the daily commute) after uni exams are over. Work + uni doesn't give me much time to do fun riding.
  4. How much experience have you, do you think you would want to do the Learner ride in St Kilda on Tue evenings?
  5. cbr-princess, I live far too far away to be able to teach you anything except...


    Who they are
    One should try to get a male riding teacher. They are usually more experienced, and have more friends that ride. They are also statistically more likely to own or have access to a ute/trailer if you screw up.

    What they ride
    A good rider will have a good bike.
    Traditionally, CBR250R's are ridden by superb riders; the "best" they might say.
    But also, a less attractive motorcycle is good. Find someone with an older bike: this shows they are more worried about HOW they ride, rather than WHAT they ride - if there is visible rust, canvas, or anything falls off while it is idling: you know you're onto a winner.

    Condition of their gear
    Some people might just look at a person's knee-sliders to see how 'good' they are on a bike.
    I say "Look at everything!"
    If scraped knee-sliders are a sign of skill, then find that person with the scraped knee-sliders, ruined boots, scuffed jacket, ripped pants, and scratched helmet too! Experience will practically be leaking out of them, onto the road.

    How scary they look
    The scarier a rider is, the safer they are on the road, as car drivers don't want to have their heads punched in, their car doors dented, or the blood of their children drunk from a goblet shaped like a skull.
    Choose the scariest looking teacher you can, ride near them, and everyone else on the road will take extra care to be super nice to you.

    A lot of riding instructors wear open faced helmets, this makes communication easier when they offer you advice. So open faced helmets are good.
    So if we follow the rule that the lesser the helmet, the greater the communication - if you can find a rider who wears no helmet at all; their communication with you will be excellent and you can expect to make a lot more progress sooner!

    I hope some of this is useful for you. Good luck, and welcome to the world of riding.
  6. I wont mind coming along one evening, I go to La Trobe Uni on most days so its just around the corner from you.

    I'm not that experienced but most likely can give you some pointers or advice.
  7. Are you trying to get this person killed?? :LOL:
    I also recommend looking at the tyres of the rider - you want a person with a massive bald & flat spot in the middle, and large unscrubbed strips on either side of this. This shows that they are a sensible rider!
  8. if ur eva down the south/south east of melb, drop me a PM and ill cum 4 a ride. apart from that ill b cummin to the learner rides on tues nights.
  9. just book yourself into a HART post learner rider course, its not expensive and you know the guy that teachers you has got the skills to ride and teach, you dont need to ride a honda, and they also let you use one of their bikes, think it was a cb250 or cbf250, something like that, a naked learner type thing with an upright riding position and not much power, give em a call, i did and always recommend them for learners.
  10. ...damn i wear a closed faced helmet though, so close :). but sometimes i squid it up with no helmet

    reservoirs a good area for bike learning though. head out to the factory areas and practice the roundabouts in the newly built industiall park on newlands road
  11. You would have to be the funniest f*kr I've never met :LOL:

    Tell me, do I get extra scare points because I wear black leathers, have tatts and wear a Slayer helmet? :?:
  12. You need to zip that into your pants mate. Nobody wants you spraying that around everywhere you go FFS! I know you're excited about riding, but really...
  13. Come along to the learner night tonight, PM me before 4pm if you need someone to ride with.
  14. The learners ride is awesome!!! I get to go on route that i will not know about. :D
  15. was about to post the same view....in a bit more "expressive" tone :p
  16. I WROTE
    :roll: ok i really need to stop writing sms style dont i. :eek: :idea:
  17. Yeah...and for the record..."cummin" has the same number of letters as "coming" so as a form of shorthand...fail! :p
  18. i think's the OP has taken all the males for a piss take...!
    cbr_princess getting your attentions to the female variety. Only 1-2 posts, joined two days ago... come on guys!! :LOL: :LOL:
  19. thats the assumption i was working under...everyone knows netrider guys are desperate
  20. And everyone knows anyone with "princess" in their name is either a guy or fat.