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Some workshops struggle with the simplest of tasks!

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by SHEPPO, Jan 5, 2010.

  1. Hi everyone,

    Just before New Year's i had my set of track tyres fitted to my rims, ready for an up coming track day on the 4th of Jan. My usual workshop, Dynoverks, was closed for the xmas/new years break, so i proceeded to call around and find a shop open. My local Yamaha dealer (Frankston Yamaha) was open, so i got them to do the work.

    $44 later, i had my street tyres removed, and my track tyres fitted & balanced. Time to enjoy new years and look forward to the track day on the Monday.

    Track day - First session out, first trip down the straight, i discovered a horrible vibration coming from the front wheel, thus shut the power down and tried to slow the bike down to a speed that will make T1 safely, and rode slowly to the exit road and back into the pits. The vibration was so bad it made hanging onto the bars very difficult, and braking was interesting to say the least!

    Back in the pits, I checked and the balance weight was still fitted to the rim. So i took the rim/tyre off the bike and went down and saw the guys from Madaz to get the balance checked. To confirm my suspicions, the rim was totally out of balance, big time. Secondly, after removal of the weights and a re-balance, discovered Frankston Yamaha had positioned the weights 90 degrees out!!

    So i thanked the boys from Madaz, re-fitted the rim to the bike, and went out and enjoyed the rest of my day.

    I've since called Frankston Yamaha and spoken to the store manager, he's apologized and said he'll follow it up. As long as who ever fitted & balanced the tyres gets a kick in the arse, and they do their job correctly from now on, it's all good. I wont be going back to Frankston Yamaha for anything that involves working on ANY part of my bike again.

    I give a big thumbs up to the guys at Madaz, who didn't charge me for the re-balance. And will stick with my current workshop when it comes to tyre fitting & balancing, or if i find myself in the same situation i'll get Madaz to swap the tyres over at the track on the day.

  2. And you're usual workshop is on my list of never to be trusted with my bike... Dean and the guys are lovely people, but they also are able to make mistakes. We're all human and we can all stuff up.