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Some will tell you that a sportbike doesn't have enough storage to hold anything useful.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by grue, Dec 26, 2009.

  1. Proof they're wrong:


    Delicious Xmas dinner :dance:

  2. but where is the cup holder?
  3. Can of soft drink under the bag :)
  4. oporto was open xmas day??? i had to eat a foul take away shop burger to survive the day! even the 24 hour maccas was shut!
  5. I was as surprised as you! I was out cruising and saw they were open, I couldn't resist. Didn't think about how I was going to get it back until I got to the bike and realized I didn't have my backpack ](*,)

    But yeah, I asked the person who served me, apparently they opened at 6 because they've experimented and found anything before that isn't worth it, but after that is busy. Granted, this is Chapel St in Melbourne, so it probably varies.
  6. That. Is. Awesome.
  7. Well, its no suzuki across. It would hold a full family meal and keep it warm over the engine.
  8. Yeah, but an Across ain't a sportsbike.
  9. I brought a frozen spicy apple family sized pie home from the Pie Shop on Wednesday. I didn't have the top box on so it came home securely tucked in the front of my jacket. Pie arrived safely, chest was excessively cold!

  10. :rofl:

  11. Can fit alot under the jacket! Managed to fit 2 boxes of shapes, a punnet of boysenberries and a mango on the way home from Woolies the other night :D
  12. real sports bikes only have room for a power commander, speedo healer, and rego label... anything more and it's a cruiser :)
  13. G'day everyone,...

    I guess those with good bike that have center up pipes will be able to keep that warm/hot as well for the ride home ,....


    Dr Who?
  14. Pfffff! I took this awhile back now..

    I reckon my ZX7R could fit at least 4 stubbies in it.

  15. My backpack can fit a carton of beer in it. I'll take a pic when i buy another carton.
  16. Usually I can fit 6 cans of JD in my Blades ducktail, but I drank 2 of the cans whilst on a hot ride. :angel:

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  17. What is it with all these bikes having a boot conpartment?

    I've got a couple teeny little pockets at the front, which can fit my gps and a bunch of folded up cableties.
    Only other places are designed for the factory tools, so they are tiny and hard to get to.

    I ended up investing in a couple side bags and a luggage rack now just so i could carry shit without a backpack.

  18. You lie.

    No-one in Australia actually drinks Foster's.

    My Dainese jacket can fit 2 x 700mL bottles of Jack Daniels in it. You people with hinged duck-tails are so lucky! :eek: Mine can't hang open without falling off.
  19. my cbr929 can fit 2x600ml cokes and fish and chips for 2 as well as my puncture repair kit :)
  20. +1... Slab of tinnies