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Some &**# wants to ban bikes from national parks

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by undii, Aug 11, 2006.

  1. maybe if alot more dirtbikers acted responsibly, and realized that national parks and forested areas need to be utilized with respect, instead of acting like 16 year old boys, there wouldnt be so many calls like this.
  2. The guy is talking about road bikes being on the road in traffic and "inconvenient speed limits" on 'A592 (which I assume is a highway or something)
  3. Is this guy real? Maybe, next time he would propose to ban people, other than him, from National Parks.
  4. main road with a 60mph (96.5kph) limit, 1 lane each way and no road division - sort of like reefton/black spur
  5. Wouldnt be the first.

    Theres stupid dope smokin hippies trying to ban pushbikes from NP areas here and close walking tracks because feet cause environmental damage.
    They really would like to ban everyone, except themself of course, apparently someone has to keep an eye on nature in there.
  6. You guys don't realise that many of the national parks have literally hundreds upon hundreds of bikers racing thru them at highly illegal speeds every weekend. :LOL:
    The north moors park in Yorkshire is one of the worst.
    I am not saying all the UK blokes do this of course, but I am sure Sluglie will agree that the sight of fifty plus riders blasting past your car at warp speed can be a little disconcerting.
    UK bikers tend to be a lot more aggressive in their riding style than Oz bikers.
    All over the UK in the summer thousands of riders use the national park roads and the secondary roads out in the country areas as improvised race tracks.
    And let's not even talk about what the Brit riders do when they take the ferry or the Chunnel to France for the weekend. :LOL:

    And the Deputy Chief Cunstable comes across as a right pillock anyway. :LOL:
  7. on dirt tracks, sure as hell ban the noisy things. (maybe give em one day a week or something). on public roads they've got every right to be there even if they're noisy.
  8. Grrr.. :evil: I think you'll find that the "dirt tracks" you're talking about are still gazzetted public roads, and as such, anything that is a registered vehicle has a right to use them, within the bounds of the law.

    I have this problem in the 4x4 as well - farkin greenies want to close everything down, and then they complain that the council/government is doing nothing to maintain it. What do you think keeps these tracks clear? It's not the bloody DNRE, it's the people who use these tracks on a regular basis. DNRE has enough trouble keeping fire tracks maintained with the help from the people that are out using the area.

    If they (police/rangers etc) went out and nabbed the people who DO use all of these places irresponsibly, instead of closing it for everyone, the whole world would be a lot better off.

    (Not having a go at you directly Talius - I'm having a go at all the w@nkers that want to close everything then biatch when something they use gets closed).
  9. Actually he's simply asking a question. Nothing wrong with that just beacause it is a different view to oiur own. If our first response is always emotional via personal attack then dont be surprised if we cop more.
  10. F^&%ing loud mouth minority groups. They have done the same in the Blue Mountains. The greenies(who are normally ultra-rich suburbanites from Mosman :jerk: :butt:) have built their houses right on the edge of the national park. And they give the local fire brigade and national parks hell about them back-burning because it "scars the landscape" and "soils their washing". Then when a bushfire comes through, it becomes uncontrollable due to the 40 years of fuel lying on the ground that hasn't been burnt off. And guess who is the first saying they are going to sue the fire brigade for mismanagement of the area. Too many people trying to impose their lifestyle on others!
  11. Considering the spurs and other interesting roads here in Vic' run through either State or National Parks I'd be careful how loud you guys laugh at the original blob espcially after the crash on the Marysville Rd last weekend and all the other off's on the spurs themselves which the local emergency servcies workers must be getting sick of.

    Soon or later they will do something about it and who will the finger get pointed at when that happens....

  12. I know what you mean. I meant dirt tracks that aren't legal roads. But whadda ya know, it's already illegal to be on those! so... smeh/
  13. PVDA above is absolutly correct.

    I don't know the Spur, but it sounds very similar to the Old Road here.

    When too many speed maniac dikheads use these roads as their improvised race tracks...eventually the authorities just lower the speed limits and post more cops or speed cameras along that route.

    I really don't think the cops are too concerend about the speed itself, because they realise riders do it all the time without getting caught.
    BUT...when a rider dies or has a massive accident, then the cops are obliged to write a report...and citizens start asking why aren't the police doing something to stop the speed maniacs from killing themselves and terrorising other road users.

    In an ideal world places like the Spur, the Old Road and the RNP would be closed to all road users except mobikes once a week for a few hours and made a one way only route.
    Riders would have to take out special accident insurance and then they could blast thru the route and try not to kill themselves willy nilly.

    As I said...a different world to this one.

    What's that? Go and do a track day you say...fark orf...track days bore the shite out of many of us. :LOL:
  14. Hate to say it, but i didn't consider that guys blog to be particuarly provocative at all. I think it was clearly just some guy who went away with his wife for a quiet weekend by the lake and he noticed non stop bike races going along that road. He and his wife probably commented on how nice the weekend would have been if it weren't for those bloody bike screaming round all day.

    I mean the guy even says there that not all bike riders are bad! He's just saying that this area is a national park and you go there for a bit of quiet time with the family, not to be confrunted with a race track environment.
  15. Maybe he should leave the missus at home, bite the bullet, buy himself a fast bike and get out there with the rest of the lads? :rofl:

    Just a thought. :demon:

    I mean he's hardly likely to get done for speeding himself is he? :LOL: :LOL:
  16. the problem is not the amount of bikes on the road, nor the fact that the road is a total death trap complete with lots of blind corners. It's the fact that many (not all) of the tourists (in this case anyone unfamiliar with the roads) driving round there are going WAY BELOW the speed limit. So when the local boys on their bikes get out they get stuck behind sometimes as many as 20 cars, with 20 drivers, all frustrated at people driving slow.

    So the locals bikers sit right behind the cars (because there's no way they can get past safely) and rev hell out of their engines.... then the tourists slow down to let the bikers past, but they don't all go... so they get frustrated and rev even more...

    My OH is from there and we've spent many a weekend driving round the roads... but the sound of the bikes really does detract from the feeling of the area... sorry - but it's true.


    However, Mr Plod is from wales - he's a valley boy and they're all a bit strange down there anyway. Don't think his blog will have much of an impact on the way of things up in t'north of england.

    Banning the bikes isn't the issue - it's the attitudes that need sorted out
  17. If he is going to use environmental impact as the justification, then surely it would be all vechicles... :p

    "sorry sir, you can drive in this national park. You have a radio in your car."