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Some vids from a fine day

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by [FLUX], Aug 28, 2006.

  1. No crazy high speed hijinx: Having a license is preferable. Besides, anyone can go fast in a straight line. :twisted:
    No speedometer displayed: It's not important, it's not about that, and it's not accurate anyway. :cool:
    No sound: :( The audio got messed up by doing something silly with the mike. :evil: Fixed now though. Next time...
    No music: My web-site host will punish anything that's copyrighted getting distributed, so if you want music, just put some of your own on in the background. :p

    Final stage video encoding was done using DivX6.3 codec. So you may need to update to latest DivX player/codecs to view if it doesn't play.

    Vids removed to make space on my web host. New vids available.
  2. I've been downloading them and playing them with VLC, which will play anything with a minimum of fuss, rather than asking Windows Media Player to do it, d/ling the whole 27 meg then having it not find the codec. If I was technical I could just d/l and install the latest DivX codecs, but my way is simpler...! Nice work, Cathar.
  3. Nice pic quality there dude...

    I noticed you kept your revs b/w 4 and 5k - I'd have thought you'd ride it higher in the corners for a more responsive exit.
  4. I've got the engine tuned for a very linear power curve. Down low you can use the engine much like you would a V-twin. On the road I tend to find myself just riding the engine's strong low-down torque curve to grunt out of corners and into the next corner. Between 4-6k rpm, there's 50-80hp at the rear wheel on tap, so it's not like a 600cc super-sport bike, or a detuned 900cc bike that would need to be spinning at 8000+ rpm to achieve the same effect.

    At the race-track, sure. Engine rarely drops below 7000rpm ever, but doing this on a >150hp litre bike this will catapult you to >160kph in the blink of an eye before the bike is even fully upright after exiting a corner. Great at the track. Shreds tyres very quickly too. License damaging on the road but. I just like to grunt it around on the road. Less noise, the bike is happy to do too. It also makes it easier to guage corner entry speeds and be smoother overall if you're not charging into the corners hard on the brakes all the time.
  5. Thanks for the tip on the VLC player, works a treat.

    Nice shots Stew, really good quality. Loved the run through the spur, haven't done it on my bike in a couple of months, looks like I'll have to go have another look.

    I know the speedo thing is not relevant, but what's the law on evidence, ie, can they sieze the video from you?
  6. does any one have a copy of VLC or know where it is on the net?
  7. What video?
  8. Victoria certainly has some beautifull roads.
    Nice work Cathar! :cool:
  9. Well, SD disk, camera, whatever...
  10. again nice vids, cathar. no sound :(
  11. Hey, crank Motley Crue's 'Kickstart My Heart' in the background, works a treat. ;)
  12. Question is...

    IF you have deleted it (thoroughly) from whatever digital media, and they download it for use, is that considered piracy? :LOL:
  13. Nice quality! It's a pleasure to see something that isn't postage stamp-size and compressed to the point its painful to watch. Which seems to be the case with just about every on-board video I've seen so far.

    But I wish you'd reconsider that speedo thing! It's not about bragging, or trying to 'beat your scores' - for someone who wasn't there but is only watching the clip, seeing the speedo provides more information and 'feel' about what is actually happening, making it that much more interesting and educational.
  14. Ah, but you see, that's the video you get when you subscribe to 'Cathar goes Wild' for $9.95 a month. ;)
  15. mrml mrml double-post-and-no-delete mrml
  16. Great footage, but it's just not the same without hearing the motor singing in the background.

    As far as the cops using footage as evidence, only if they can prove who was riding.
  17. I'd be happy to leave the speedo off.

    Experience here tells us that Stew will either get:

    a.) your'e a menace to society and should be banned
    b.) you're a soft cock and don't ride hard/quick enough
  18. None of those has anything left on it.

    To sieze goods from some individual, you'd need evidence that a criminal offense took place. Even if the original source was obtained somehow, all it would show is an uncalibrated speedometer, further affected by sprocket size changes, and is not a "scientifically accurate" device. If "indicated speed" is a legal offense, then it must also be a legal defense. To allow a conviction on such evidence would open a legal can of worms. Everyone could start taping their speedometers to prove that they weren't speeding past some speed camera, and that'd be a valid defense, regardless of the actual state of calibration of the speedometer shown. Worse, with the advent of cheap and advanced digital editing, people could start editing up footage that "proves their innocence".

    We're also constantly being told by police too that if you get a speeding ticket, and if your speedo showed that you weren't speeding, then that's your fault for having an uncalibrated speedometer, and is not a valid defense. If that's true, then the speedometer display cannot be a valid offense either.

    Besides, there's plenty of bigger fish to fry than some guy posting up a video of a ride through the hills at around the posted speed limit. People post up unedited footage of their speedo's showing well in excess of 200 or even 300kph almost every week and their doors haven't been kicked down yet.

    The only statement being made here is that since the speedo is not calibrated, it is therefore unimportant for whatever reason someone finally decides to look at it for, so why even bother displaying it? Still, I guess I shouldn't be surprised that having some mysterious hidden speedo should spark perhaps more controversy than displaying it.

    I think in future I'll modify the bracket with something that sits in the camera's field of view such that the speedometer display is obscured for the camera.
  19. The videos look good, I finally get to see what the Black Spur is like. I'm looking forward to the next ones with sound because, for me, that's half the fun.