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Some Victory Motorcycles

Discussion in 'Bikes' started by philmydang, Feb 4, 2013.

  1. few snaps from a ride on Sunday.
    Flip the red switch for laughing gas.

  2. very shiny, don't think my Hammer 8 ball would fit in with that sparkling crowd ;) Do you know if they do group Victory rides out of the Sydney store?
  3. I just came across the Judge in my local dealership a few months ago. Really nice looker. Better than any of their previous models. If I can generate a bit of disposable income in the medium term, I'd be very tempted to put one in the shed. Similar price to a H-D Forty-Eight but with an extra 500 cc and proper suspension.
  4. Damn......I really am not a cruiser bloke......but given enough cash and with the luxury of two bikes I reckon I'd be at a Victory dealer before any of the others.....

    HD's are for chumps......

    Metrics are not quite right........not sure why....

    But these things......well - they look very nice indeed....I have been known to wander into the Elizabeth st Victory dealer on an occasion or two.......lovely........pricey though
  5. Not sure, I do remember them having a couple when I was living in NSW, but it wasn't a regular thing like Melbourne. Check the VRN I think they have a Sydney group that do weekly rides. Mostly at night from what I remember.
  6. chumps ? thats pretty harsh , not that i own a hd.
    victory is right up there on my wish list
  7. Not harsh.......just realistic....

    The amount of $$$ spent on HD for sub-par mechanicals is really insane.....

    The metric cruisers are better built but lack "soul" and character.....(kinda like a Street Triple...oooopps)

    Personally, if I were to go to the other side - later in life - I would seriously look to the Victory line-up......hell - the Missus tells me she will only ride Pillion if I have a "comfy" bike.....

    Count the day fellas.......this dog is done......
  8. well i disagree , it happens.
    but i do like the victories , but alsi some metrics and some
    hd - not all though.
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  9. whatever floats your boat... or harley
  10. ^^^ Agreed....

    For me the only Metric would be a Boulevarde M109R

    Other than that of a Vic-Vega 8Ball
  11. Hey that first shot of the bike with NOS, where he has the switch he must only have one hand on the bars when he flicks it..dunno about that, seems a little hairy. Maybe its got enough delay to get your hand back on the bar, hope so.
  12. The red switch is some sort of primer or safety - to actually "fire" you press the horn so both hands stay on the bars. I'd hate to accidentally leave the switch on though...