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Some !*@# Tried To Steal My Bike: Key No Longer Works.

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by grue, Oct 30, 2012.

  1. Details of the incident aside, I can't disengage the steering lock and obviously can't start the bike. Key goes all the way in, just won't turn. 2001 CBR600F4i with the HISS immobilizer, how much of a gigantic pain in the ass is this going to be? Do I need to replace my keys and stuff or just get the ignition barrel off and take it to a locksmith to get repaired and matched to my keys?

  2. Damn! That's too bad. Hope you get everything sorted out. Keep us posted.
  3. Going on a friend's experience, HISS issues are an expensive pain is the arse, although it may be possible to sort out the barrel if the electronics are ok. Good luck with it.
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  4. ...have you tried wriggling the bars while trying to unlock the bike? I know my bike is old and doesn't have a fancy key, but if I lock the bike and the steering is pushed to the right, I can't unlock it. Push the bars to the left and it unlocks quite easily. You could maybe try turning the key while it isn't all the way in? Pull the key out a little and turn see if that does anything.

    Other than that I have no idea since I am more mechanical than electronically minded when it comes to immobilisers and such.I'd say you'd need to get a new lock and barrel if the barrel has been stuffed completely.
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  5. Sorry to hear that, I hope they slip on their screwdriver. This is what I picked up on a quick search of the fireblades.org site about HISS:

    “If you do have H.I.S.S. on the canadian models all you need is the key fob with the rfid chip in it to be near the transponder ring on the ignition switch and keep that transponder unit wired into the ignition harness.

    The HISS version has a receiver coil around the ignition barrel. It has HISS written on it.(Refer to the attached photo) It is excited by a small chip embedded in the key.

    To get the chip out, just peel the Honda sticker off the key and dig out the chip buried in the rubber. It needs to be in close proximity to the coil to work.

    On the 00, 01 model the immobilizer light will only light up once the correct key(chip) is used. On later models the cluster had a flashing red LED when the immobilizer was active.

    If it has HISS, the ECU will not allow the bike to run unless the correct key is used. There is no way to disable it. If it could be disabled, why have it?”

    Just thinking out loud:
    1)If it’s just the barrel, you might be able to separate the HISS component from the barrel, have it repaired/replaced, then reinstall the HISS component? I'd be mildly optimistic of a cheap-ish repair of the barrel itself.
    2) You could leave the barrel in place, somehow get the chip near the receiver, break the steering tab, and run keyless (no ignition barrel function reqd) with multiple hidden switches that require a correct configuration to run
    3) Fwiw on my R6 which has a similar EU-harness & immobiliers setup, the ECU was fried so I got a reflashed ECU for about 490US delivered, which bypassed the immobiliser as the immobiliser settings were disabled in the ECU flash process. The difference is your key, immob and ECU still work, just the mechanical barrel that’s fubar’d.

    Hopefully someone with direct experience can comment soon enough.
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  6. Well, I got it running! Pulled off the ignition system, got in there with a bit of lube and some love, realigned a few bites, all good! Gotta get a new cover thingie but whatever, I didn't have to take the tram to work :D
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  7. Good work, sounds like the electronics side is all OK then.
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  8. Good to hear grue...I'd hate to catch public transport in this weather. Was bad enough driving yesterday while the bike was in pieces yesterday.
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