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Some things just put a smile on your face

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Panthus, Apr 10, 2008.

  1. He had a little jacket on to go with his hat :) Couldn't help but take the pic

  2. cute! needs a large dog now :p guess it would be the same as carrying a pillion, as long as they kept stil
  3. Thats the cutest thing i've seen in along time!!!! :)
  4. :LOL:
    That is the cutest thing !!!
  5. I was coming back from McDonalds in the wet the other night with sundaes for the crew and didnt zip my panniers ... when i hit a speed bump (i usually stand up on the pegs so I don't have to slow down all that much) i managed to lose one of them on the road.

    I backtracked a bit and found it .. but .. imagine if it was a dog, not a sundae :shock:
  6. So slow down and pooch is safe.

  7. That's gold :LOL:

    Now if only a cat could be well behaved enough to ride a bike....
  8. Hey someone stole my pooch!! :grin:

    I wonder if theres been a thread titled Bikers and their Pets?? :?
  9. How cute.... although I'd hate to see the bike hit a bump.. and doggie go airborne!
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  11. tex and bundy, two absolyte champions

  12. Got some kevlar on that doggie to go with its glasses? :p
  13. Yeah so the dog's cute - but what about the Dairy Farmers Top Box :cool:
  14. #14 raven, Apr 15, 2008
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    That's bullsh*t...I would'nt mind kicking that bastard into the bus stop instead. Yeah...
    I've got a sense of humor...this is just very poor taste! :evil:
  15. Yes, yes there has. :)
  16. I recon I could punt that little tool at least half way there (just before the bus arrived would be good).
  17. omg! it's soooo cuteee~ :])
  18. Raven & BlueZX14, I'll share the road with u guy's anytime.
    If I caught that bastard kicking Bundy or any other dog for that matter, I'd be using the prick for a traction aid and yes the commercial is in bad taste, purely because some F...wit will try and emulate that wanker actor and try and kick a real dog into a bus stop, I just hope I'm around if anyone ever tries it!!.

    Tex & Bundy
    ps: That little dog is cute, I just hope his owner has a restraint on him so he can't accidentally fall out.
  19. The pic actually reminded me of a guinea pig I saw once in a milk crate on the back of a postie bike in Willoughby. It had a pink ribbon around its neck, I remember... Didn't look like it had any restraints on it too, which is kinda freaky. What would have happened if the guinea pig decided to go for a jump when the bike was moving???
    Strange sight I tell you...
  20. Interesting, I absolutely abhor animal violence, however I still see the clever side of the ad (Which has been around for about 5 years)

    And slightly OT, how the heck does bundy keep his balance on the tank?Are you running a special tank protector?