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Some things blokes just can't do

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Mcsenna, Aug 9, 2014.

  1. I can put up a 6mtr x 6mtr shed, concrete the posts in, put on the roof, and fit the sliding doors, in fact doing that right now.
    But get a bandaid out it's wrapper, no way, after cutting all the sides with a pair of scissors and pulling and tugging for at least 2 whole minutes I gave up and handed it the bride. In 2 seconds flat, out of the wrapper and onto the finger, I just don't get it.
    What about those things in the kitchen that come in plastic bags ? How do they know exactly where the join is when I can't even see it with a magnifying glass ?

  2. :LOL:

    Forget it M. Some things are best left with the Mrs to do, until you upgrade the magnifying glasses.

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  3. There was a time when Band Aids had a tiny thin red thread that cut open the paper when pull down.Very easy to use,even when bleeding from one finger.Not so much now.I carry a Stanley Knife just about all day,it needs to had a new blade to open just about all plastic packaging these days.This stuff must add heaps to the costs of stuff
  4. Put the roof on the new shed today, she couldn't do that HAHA :p
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    Someone here was carrying one of those in a jacket pocket unaware it was there, and was charged with carrying a weapon after being pat-searched for an unrelated matter.

    M, POIDH :p

  6. By carrying a Stanley Knife I mean weekdays,I am a Builder.I don't carry it socially,well not unless I forget.
  7. You could come in handy. There are a few who need to build a bridge.

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  8. Dark out there now, take one in the morning. Sparky is coming Monday, have to finish it tomorrow.
  9. yeah the ladies give the best wristys don't seem to enjoy them as much with a bloke
  10. Idiot :)
  11. oh don't get me wrong I still find it enjoyable
  12. Secret men's business, roof on today.

    IMAG0042. IMAG0041.
  13. Good work M (y)

  14. Thanks J, power and light tomorrow and the floor gets floated when I get back from Bali, last week August or 1st week Sept depending on weather. Then I have to go toy shopping.
  15. Mate, you're just old and incontinent incompetent :p. I've no problems getting bandaids out/on (when I bother with them), and am quite capable of felling a tree with an axe an' other Manly™ activities ;).
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  16. What gets me is they put scissors and knives inside those plastic containers. You need the scissors to get the scissors out. So why would you buy the scissors if you already have scissors?

    I pointed this out to the lady at the hardware store and she claimed this packaging trend is to discourage theft. I'm not sure how that works.

    Either way it's annoying, wasteful and environmental vandalism.
  17. So you need to steal a pair of scissors first,to steal other stuff
  18. Clarke Kent huh ?
  19. Nah, I'm not nearly enough of a Boy Scout. And I'm no illegal alien*.

    *With that, it occurred to me that Superman was a refugee. Too bad he wasn't locked up and tortured, would have been a prime opportunity to prove that absolutely no-one, no matter how special they are in circumstance or as individuals, gets to enter the country outside of Proper Channels.
  20. "Talk about my fish", or fark off .