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Some thing different

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by deadman, Sep 27, 2010.

  1. My friends son was sitting on his bike at the lights 2 weeks ago.
    Waiting for the green light, the truck beside him took off and did a right hand turn.
    The trucks tail gate swung open as the trucked turned right and smacked him right in the middle of his back, nocking him off his bike and putting him in the middle of the intersection, lucky he had a back pack on, other wise he would have a broken back.
    He is in a bad way, but will survive with out permanent injurys.

    Just another one to watch out for. If we dont have enough already.

  2. Wow... unlucky. Well, lucky the turning light wasn't already green when he pulled up and the truck had some more speed on!
  3. Damn....what are the chances?? Lucky he's ok....
  4. Ouch! Hope someone at least got the truck's rego...

    I had something similar happen to me years ago in Mascot, Sydney. Sitting in the right-hand lane in a cross street, head of the queue, waiting for the lights. A truck carrying an empty shipping container comes barreling down from the right, turns left into the street I'm in. As he turns, the RHS door of the shipping container swung open. I was in a car, a company car at that, but it was still a brown trousers moment. Lucky the door hinge must have been a bit stiff, and the door didn't fully open, and it narrowly missed the car. If it had swung fully open it was just the right height to hit the windscreen right in front of my face.
  5. Actually lucky your friends son wasn't leaning forward slightly or the truck was a bit higher and have the truck door take his head off!
  6. Plenty of witnesses, the cagers were blowing their horns at the driver, I heard the driver lost his job over it,
    Gareth is not too bad now, still plenty sore tho.
    Its some thing you just dont think about.
  7. That is just awful ! Hope he makes a speedy recovery.
    Just goes to show that freak road accidents can happen to anyone anytime thru no fault of your own.
  8. Lucky/unlucky boy
  9. shit eh, scary thought
  10. Damnit, not much you can realistically do about it either :(
    Good to hear he's not injured permanently.. That'd be just sick :(
  11. As freak instances go this has to somewhere close to the top.
    Best wishes for the lad and his recovery.