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Some suggestions re trailbikes please!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by typhoon, Oct 5, 2006.

  1. SO, I'm moving to a small acreage. I'd like to get a trailbike, and would like something largish in engine size but not too tall in teh saddle (short legs).
    I am buying secondhand, and am really after something simple and reliable, something made in large numbers(for parts availability) and cheap second hand. I'll probably be buying something that needs some work too. I'll probably throw a screen/handlebar fairing and some dual purpose tyres on it too, it will be mainly for dirt roads, with some occasional well defined trails. It will also be a backup commuter if needed.
    I like Kawasaki, but am not tied to teh brand if there's something heaps better. Age doesn't worry me either.
    Suggest away!

    Regards, Andrew.

  2. XR250?
  3. Hi typhoon

    I take it 250 too small?

    DRZ400 gets good wraps and if not doing any longer haul touring would be my pick. But even 2000 models still holding their value pretty well.

    A Kawa you can look at is the KLE500, great commuter bike and sold here from the early 1990's, smooth twin but nearly 30kg's heavier than the post 2004 KLR 650's.

    Just get an electric start
  4. Only including the non 250s...

    If you want Kawasaki:
    KLR650 - In Aus you can find both A and C models. A model has a bit of a windscreen and big tank. C doesn't and is slightly heavier. Has hardly changed since it was first built in the 80s. Heaps of people ride them in the US so HEAPS of aftermarket stuff from over there. Very 'jack of all trades'. Modearatly tall but I can touch both feet when sitting on it. Can get lowering links from overseas.

    KLE500 - More of a road bike with a bit more suspension travel and bigger wheels. See a courier riding one around in the city, but don't know much appart from that.

    KLX400 - More dirt bike, but road legal. Exactly the same as the DRZ400 but in green (parts interchangable). Not sold by Kawasaki anymore, but still by Suzuki. Plenty of em around still (most are Suzuki DRZs thoguh).

    Suzuki also has a DR650 which is a simple reliable air cooled bike. I think Suzuki make a lowering kit for it. As standard seat height similar to KLR. Shouldn't be too hard to get parts as is still made. When I was buying a bike it was the KLR650 or DR650 for me.

    If you have problem will tall seats the only big road-trail I can think of that has a shorterish seat height is the Suzuki DR650 which can be lowered.

    Honda XR400 or XR650L might also be ok althoguh both are quite tall. XR400 not made anymore, but plenty still around.

    Can be hard to find cheap 2nd hand in an ok condition as people tend to either sell em quickly after buying if they don't like them, or keep using them until they are very worn out.
  5. Thanks for the suggestions. I have some bikes to look at now, and narrow the field down. I wanted something with a bigger donk purely to experience teh big single/twin thing, and because I want to do highway speeds with ease, plus I am a big guy. I'd also want to carry some gear on teh bike too, so a bigger bike just has more room for racks etc.
    The weight of the bike doesn't worry me either, it's not going to go anywhere I have to manhandle it up inclines, and my current bike is heavy, so I am used to it.

    Regards, Andrew.
  6. Then you can also add Yammie Tenere (both single and twin) and Honda's Africa Twin - a bit older, but I remember you are pretty handy with a spanner.
  7. Yamaha must have sold about a million Teneres, so there must be a few good ones out there, Andrew.
  8. NX650's are very cheap and reliable, though not short in the saddle.
  9. xt500 with the silver tank.....my favorite!!