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Some suggestions please.

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by buckeye9906, Jun 26, 2012.

  1. Hey guys,
    I am looking to buy my first bike.

    I am 5'11" and about 85 kg. The bike will primarily be used for commuting from Glen Waverley to the city for work. Ride will be about 20km one way and will be mixture of M1/Princess highway and inner roads.

    I am currently looking at 3 bikes and having a hard time deciding.

    1. 2007 VTR 250, ~9600Ks, $4588
    2. 2011 CBR250R ABS, ~3500Ks, $5000
    3. 2010 Ninja 250R SE, ~3900Ks, $4300

    Will sit on these and see how they feel.
    Any help would be highly appreciated!
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  3. If it is purely for commuting don't count out scooters. If you're not concerned about your appearence while riding they have a lot of advantages. Being able to lock your helmet under the seat and keeping a case of beer between your legs is very useful. Plus filtering through traffic is a touch easier on one.
  4. As a new starter that has just bought a bike I would say the 250's are best to look at considering your size. I am much larger and taller than you and found the 650's a big bike to learn on. If I could fit on a 250 i would have.

    Also found the ABS worth a look at as it already saved my tail once.
  5. ^^Wot Mike said. Sure, try the ones on your list (the VTR might be a bit small; it fits me OK, but I'm only 5'6") and I wouldn't know about the others, but also have a look at something a little bigger. Some NRs I know have the Kwaka ER-6NL and seem to like it. Obviously a bit pricier tho, so depends on your budget I guess.

    You would prefer not to be sick of it in 3 months however...
  6. Thanks for the suggestions guys!
    Not that into the scooter....so will probably stay away from those.
    I do realise I can go for other LAMS. In fact I have unrestricted licence :). I just want to ease my way back after not having ridden for 6+ years. So based on all the reading so far, 250s seem to the ideal place to start.
  7. Sounds like another job for DR650Man to me :D.

    Seriously, unless you're set on a road bike, the DR does everything, costs nothing, holds its value far better than it has any right to, is more reliable than a hammer and is huge fun to blat through traffic whilst being also a big, soft, woofly labrador of a bike that is totally unintimidating when you first get on it.
  8. Sorry for being ignorant, but I know nothing about the DR650s. Will have to research more on that.
  9. Consider the other large road/trails as well. Kwak KLE500 and KLR650, Yam XT/XTZ/TT range and Honda NX650 Dominator.
  10. Why would you go sit on 250 cc bikes only
    Check out some bigger bikes
    250 means changing gears all the time
    High revs and basically u wont want it after
    A while
    Buy a bigger bike 500 plus
  11. This looks good. IMO - worth a look.

    ..and this. You'll soon get bored of the 250's. You said you hadn't ridden for quite a few years but you HAVE ridden before so worthwhile getting something bigger. Again my thoughts BUT at the end of the day, it's your decision.
  12. Guys,
    I completely understand what you all are saying. And I would really like to get something bigger as well. But I want to get back in the groove and build up my confidence so I can enjoy something bigger later. Plus its easier to convince the wife to get a 250 first :)
  13. A lot of the 650cc LAMS bikes have restricted power output, unlike the Honda CB400, which might also be worth taking a look at.
  14. Have you ridden the Royal Enfield back in India? That's 350 cc.
  15. Yes I have but only once :) and have experienced the 'back-kick' as well.
  16. Might catch some flak here :)...but guys I got the VTR250. Pics posted in the 'New ride' section.
  17. So you decided to go for the 250? :)

    Well, congrats then! (y) Might see you at the St Kilda Saturday Sessions sometime.

    Have you picked up your riding gear as well?
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