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Some Spur Action

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by [FLUX], Feb 10, 2007.

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  1. Some more videos from "Diaries of the Spur". Use Quicktime 7, or Video Lan Player, to view. Met Pete up there, who's not on Netrider yet, but I think I talked him into it.


  2. you running the server off a 56k laptop or something? :\
  3. You angling for a kick in the arse or something? ;)

    Downloading fine for me.
  4. Thankyou Cathar, remember me?
    I'll be back out there soon. Meanwhile the vids will tide me over.

  5. ???

    Just tested it now, and it's serving up at around 80-100KB/sec.

    It's not my server, and apparantly it's due for an upgrade in a few weeks. It's not the fastest thing, but it's hardly a 56k laptop either.

    Just do right click and "Save As", and come back to it in a few mins.
  6. Of course I remember you Steve! So when are we gonna hit the roads and do this thing?
  7. I've bought Twinpilot's SV. (my POS is broken, so now it's a project bike)
    If all goes well, i should take delivery next week. I'll be eager to get out there again ASAP. :)
    Probably Sun 18th, the whole day, sun up to sun down....well maybe not sun up. :p
    I'll give you a heads up when i'm set.
    Thanks for posting the vids dude, it helps get me through the rough spots. :LOL:

  8. Okay, one more to help you out.

  9. Cathar:

    I'm very impressed with the quality of these.

    Ever thought of starting a business where you offer to follow a rider filming them and supply the video for a fee?
  10. Impressive stuff, Cathar! So fast, yet so smooth... :cool:
    ...Your riding, that is. Wow!
  11. Cathar... you are one Quick Prick.
    That is some really nice riding mate.
  12. Apparantly VicPol are already offering that service for free. :shock:

    If anyone's on a ride where I am, and wants me to tail them and take footage, presumably for purposes of helping analyse their style, I'm happy to do that free of charge. Can even stick it on a DVD for you if you want it full quality - as opposed to the quality-reduced compressed-for-online versions.

    Just had a request to remove one of the videos from the opening post, by one of the people in the video, and have done so. There were no road laws broken, but out of respect, I removed it. I guess that this is something which I need to figure out with people, but hadn't really considered it before.

    It's not against the law to video anyone and post it up (unless it's lewd), but I think that from now on, out of respect, I'll ensure that I obtain their permission first before making any videos public.
  13. I would certainly be interested to see how my style is and learn how it translates to what I feel when riding.

    You would do well not to crash into the back of me though cos I is sloooow.

    One day when we are on the spur at the same time!
  14. :) This is why I generally follow through corners on a different line to whomever I'm following. If you suddenly brake or whatever, it means that I won't run into the back of you.
  15. Nice vids Stewy, darn I was hoping you could critique one of the earlier vids to help us out but since it has been removed I guess it's no go.

    Wow just checked out the widescreen version - seems so muuch faster!! I reckon do this in future forget about the dials.
  16. awesome video..... :LOL:
  17. That’s fun to watch… as for slow it was supper fast to get…under a minute. Was going between 180k and 190k per sec for me…

    When I do get a cam for my bike….I will defiantly be interested in what you use as I love the quality of the footage
  18. Cathar,

    Who were you tagging in that first clip?
  19. Yeah, I'm really happy with the way that turned out too. I think I'll do all of them that way from now on.
  20. I've been requested not to say anything.
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