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NSW Some sort of record..

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by hornet, Mar 8, 2013.

  1. I just heard on the two-o'clock news that an off-duty Policeman has had his licence suspended and his bike registration cancelled on the spot after last night being clocked by Highway Patrol officers at 200kph in a 50kph zone in an industrial area in Western Sydney.

    ..and, no, it wasn't stuck in second...
  2. In third? :D
  3. Why isn't he dead? Doesn't speed kill?
  4. I presume they stopped him before it could :)
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  5. He obviously wasn't a motorcycle cop. They have had special training that allows them to do those sort of speeds safely.
  6. But, I thought even 1k over would do the trick :tantrum:
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  7. http://smh.drive.com.au/200kmh-in-50kmh-zone-police-officer-charged-20130308-2fqea.html
  8. 1050km/h is crazy on a bike
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  9. As if we don't have enough problems - without popo going to these sorts of extremes to give motorcyclists a bad name....:mad:
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  10. The moral of the story is if he was a policeman he would have been let off. But he was a motorcycle rider, so he must pay for his sins.
  11. Peter Brock Drive? Really.
  12. So you're saying that being a motorcyclists negates the fact he's a copper in the eyes of other cops.
  13. I think it shows that there are some cops that play by the rules rather than letting other cops off behaving in a manner that the rest of us can't get away with.
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  14. He was going over 200kph? So how fast was the guy that caught him?
  15. Probably 0Kph, sitting there with a speed gun.
  16. Kwaka FTW
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  17. what were you saying in the other thread mate? EXACTLY
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  18. that I am a hypocrite.

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  19. Not so much negates, as overpowers. Cops these days see a motorcyclist and get a ticket pad hard on. He could have been the pope on a postie bike, they still won't let him off. Any other situation, maybe, who knows. But two wheels are like a shit stops here magnet these days.
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  20. 1k is 1024 not 1050 :p