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Some SMIDSY bike prangs due to driver "Time to Arrival" illusion

Discussion in 'Research, Studies, and Data' started by dan, Dec 28, 2005.

  1. Motorcycle Accident Risk Could Be Inflated by a Time to Arrival Illusion


  2. Well, at least we know Marty and Glitch are safe.
  3. and there i was thinking that cage drivers are just plain fcukwits :?

    :LOL: :LOL:

    that makes sense, but i would have thought it had more to do with the estimation of damage to the cage if a motorbike hits you. my theory is that the more dangerous a road user looks, the less likely they are to be pulled out on.

    a truck for example, is pretty intimidating, most people will decide better of pulling out on a truck. my shitty old kingswood demanded respect on the road, no-one seemed to want to get hit by that. onwards to my GFs Mazda 929, longer and heavier than my kingswood, it gets much less respect on the road. again down the scale to a little honda civic and you're getting pulled out on fairly often (aswell as people deciding that they just MUST go faster than you). and then theres the motorbike, which we all know gets zero respect on the road and might aswell not exist for all the cagers seeming attitudes towards us.

    i'm thinking we need some kinda hologram projectors or something to make us look like we're 15 ton trucks. motorcyle accidents would decrease, i'm certain of it :D
  4. I do believe this theory is true. I remember reading a post on some forum from someone who bought an ex-police bike. He reported a noticeable increase in adherence to traffic rules and courtesy all around him :)
  5. I, too have heard of this. I think the one that demanded the most respect was the Harley with visible shotgun.
  6. I could well believe that, have been on a group ride with a bloke that owned an ex cop BMW, was a tad disconcerting to see it in the mirrors.
  7. Mine is not ex-cop but it really seems to get peoples attention better. I have cars pull to the side and let me by all the time. I have never had this happen as much as with this bike.

    To explain that, its a largish tourer, big screen, full fairing and more than standard lights. I also have a thick CDMA aerial for my mobile off the back rear corner and a fake UHF aerial on the left rear.

    Its green but maybe they are unsure and "think" I am a cop.... thats ok.
  8. Left the blue & white chequered stickers on it did he :wink:
  9. Been playing with the psychological buzz-word generator, have we??? :LOL:
  10. I remember posting about that when I had my ex cop-K series.
    Also true (to a lesser extent) when I had the Harley Sportster.
    I've been riding with a friend of mine from Canberra the past few days. He has a very large and imposing (and loud) Harley Fat Boy and this is definitely the case for him as well.

  11. Mick,
    I doubt that you would have seen me in your mirrors, I seem to recall that you were generally way behind :LOL: :LOL: :p :p

  12. Yeah my Dad's mate has a BMW... And on it he has attached an air-horn (just like a trucks)...

    So whenever he feels someone might pull out on him, he just blasts this fcukin loud-arse truck horn and they stay put or even shy back a little hahaha.

    I've also heard story's of a Harley Rider who kept a nice big mallet/hammer thing in a bucket on the side/front of his bike.

    Whenever someone pissed him off in traffic he would kindly pull up next to them and leave a nice dent in their car's bodywork.


    My GPX tends to do shit-all when it comes to cars. I get people pulling out on me, changing lanes almost right into me... all the usual.
  13. you think its bad when cars carnt tell how close you are am all ways having people walk out in forunt of me like im not there so i just blarst my horn at them and flash my lights and try to kick them on the way parst
    its cause my tiny little 250 is too quite
  14. HAHAHAH I love it when Elderly people do that.. I just revv the fcuk out of my bike and they seem to lose the need for their walking sticks as they sprint to the other side of the road.
  15. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: & give the poor old fart a heart attack in the process :p
  16. Haha such is life. Nah dude, it's payback for when they fcuking complain all the time at work (I work at Woolies... Old people are the worst customers ever) ... "Oh sorry dear I dont mean to be a nuisance or anything but I seem to have forgotten whether I wanted the red tomatoe or the bag of dried prunes. Do you mind running and grabbing them for me if it's not too much of a hassle?" ... "Nah sorry maam I'm not allowed to leave my register and there are a lot of customers waiting to be served" ... "Oh the youth of today, no respect for their elders. What does it take to get a bag of dired prunes around here? I'm complaining to your supervisor. And I'm going to buy my prunes from Coles from now on. fcuk you little motorbike rider" ..................................................... 30 minutes later, on a lonely stretch of road... the sly old grandma see's a motorbike coming and decides to place her frail old walking frame about 1/2 way across the road and have a rest while she eats her prunes from Coles ... **rev rev rev put put put gpx noise** /// ARGHHHHHHH, throws the prunes on the ground, backflips and does the karate shit to save her life.

    Ya.... you catch my drift.

    Unfortunately the little old lady karate'd into the path of an oncoming bus.
  17. The other factor, which a non riding mate of mine told me, was the lack of two headlights. It's harder to tell how close the bike is.
  18. How does headlights affect the distance
  19. I agree Kaer.

    Doomsday, I'm thinking this only applies to night riding. I've noticed the affect myself when waiting for a bike to pass - two headlights as in a car allow you to judge speed to arrival based on the angle apart the headlights are at and changing to... this method of judgment is out the window with a motorbike.

    On another note, I've a feeling my dirtbikes look quite imposing, what with their extreme height. But I've hardly ridden road bikes so I can't draw any comparisons.
  20. There is also another side of the "time to arrival" scenario & it has happened to me on more than one occasion. You are hammering along a most excellent set of twisties & happen upon a car being driven by occupants of say asian appearance. Who also happen to be travelling at about 20% of your chosen velocity. And you usually come across them on the blind brow of a hill. Or at the end of a nice long sweeper
    All I will say is that my brother has seen the back wheel of my bike about 4 inches off the ground with smoke puffing off the front tire. And I didn't crash in case you were wondering. Or nudge anything either. But I do know my heart works quite well. Cause I could see it trying to jump through my jacket
    Anyone else had this happen to them?