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some scootering questions

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by stu75, Aug 17, 2005.

  1. 1. what can i legally do to make myself more visible on the road ?
    (i was thinking of extra lighting front and rear ?)
    flashing ,blinking,or headlight modulators ?

    2. i have seen some helmet sound system that connect your mobile to headset in helmet but dont know of australian sellers ?

    3. would it be possible to wire up mobile phone charger to bike electric system ?

    4. my new 125 is quick but in the future what could i do to improve performance ?

    cheers :)
  2. I was going to suggest a man walking in front of you with a red flag, but then I realised you were serious!!
    Brighter coloured riding gear is always a good start, especially as your scooter lights are generally below the eye-line of cars, but your body is right in their line-of-sight. Lots of jackets have reflective strips on them too.
    I'd avoid any distraction while you were riding.
    I'll leave it to the tech gurus to impart their limitless wisdom on the subject to making a scooter go faster, just let me say, that if you are like the guy in the other current scooter post, and weigh 120kg, there's not much mechanical that will help!!! (And that wasn't a cheap shot at the other guy either. lol)
  3. aww c'mon, sly, he's asking a serious question, not expecting a silly answer.... oh, err, ummmm, I did that, didn't I????? Sorry!
  4. ok, ok, some serious answers from an ex-scooter rider.

    1. as hornet said bright clothing is the normal option, people do wear those high vis. vests that workman wear, you could try that. personally i believe that if they're not looking/awake they're not going to see you no matter how much you try to get their attention, so just stay in front of them/behind them, not beside them when you can.

    2. don't know dude, most people would frown on riding while using a mobile as it's a distraction, but each to their own.

    3. ...you really love your mobile don't you?

    4. for performance i'd recommend selling and buying a ride with a bigger engine (later down the track i mean, 125cc will keep you happy for a while) i looked into the performance path for my 50cc but in the end it's not worth it, you sacrifice reliability, lose out on resale value, in the end it makes more sense to upgrade, i went from 50cc to 250cc and i am one happy bloke. :biker:

    5. get those flares i recommended, they look awesome! :D
  5. :D
    he he
    if i could get those flares i would !
    is that reflective tape easy to find ?
    i thought maybe i could put a few stripes on bike instead of wearing a poofy jacket in summer :p
  6. http://www.streetglo.net/ there ya go :moped: