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Some sanity in Arizona

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by smee, May 10, 2010.

  1. They are dumping blanket speed cameras state wide

  2. Its a very good start, wish they would keep going and ban the lot of them.
  3. there's sanity somewhere in the U.S.A.??? :LOL:
  4. noteworthy that these speed camera operations (that were in hindsight in deemed to be overbearing) were provided by an Victorian/Australian contractor. (no surprises there.)

    personally i would love to see Safety Initiatives with a primary focus on Encouragement, and use of Enforcement only on those that refuse to respond to encouragement.

    for instance, current tollway operations do collect data that could be used to actually gauge your average-speed between polling points. instead of issuing fines, they could provide users with reports on their Average-Speeds, including Observed-Maximum-Speeds.

    imagine someone defending a one-off traffic offence in court, whilst holding an accurately measured driving record. i think such a record could be used for consideration of leniency in sentencing.

    i feel such a system you could easily be expanded, with measuring points across the state, sending reports back to drivers as to the consistency of their driving habits, as long as fines were never to be attached to the system!

    such a system would vastly improve the crash analysis results undertaken by bodies such as the MUARC (Monash University Accident Research Centre). just imagine after a serious/fatal crash, they could review the collected data and see if the drivers overall driving/speeding record was a significant factor.

    (surely this would be more accurate than the potentially prejudice practice of attending police officers ticking the box saying that "speed was a factor", nearly every time)

    the biggest challenge with my line of thinking is that is not revenue raising.
    instead, my only desire is for savings in crashes, injuries and fatalities.
  5. Land of the free!

    Where was that thread about good countries for motorcycling?
  6. your an idiot