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Some SA new guy.

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by scandyflick, Mar 17, 2015.

  1. I'm Dave.

    I don't own a bike. In fact, I own those cars people use to keep up with bikes in the SA hills.

    But I'd like a bike. Cars are getting boring. And the car scene is well, it's full of kids wearing terrible, terrible hats. So I'm getting my licence.
    Been driving for 10 years, wanted a bike that whole time, but rightly figured I'd straight up murder myself if I got one.
    I even have a HR licence. Mostly because I got bored one day.

    Have ridden a few times before, off road, private driveways, etc.
    Lost my car licence once, been to Malalla a bunch of times, and own two of basically the same car.
    They're both shitbox Nissans, so don't get too excited.

    This was my daily for a little bit., Now going to fund the bike. Looks good, but doesn't go particularly hard.

    This one is a bit of a different story. Owned it 6 years. Come a long way.
    Brakes almost never worked properly, 3 different suspension setups, 6 different sets of wheels, 3 different turbo setups, 2 different tunes, suspension was always biased towards form rather than function. Made 260kw at the wheels before something went wrong 2 years ago and I stripped it. I'll finish it one day.



    And I have a tattoo. Because I'm cool and alternative as fcuk.
    It's unfinished because I'm lame as fcuk.

    As for bikes, well, the licence itself will be run in the next couple weeks, then I'll be off to test ride all the things!
    Though I am leaning towards the inexplicably popular MT-07 or the ER6NL.

    Other than that, I work in security, my hours are whack as fcuk, I pretty much only speak in sarcasm, and I'd like to return to Uni next year.

    So yeah.

  2. welcome aboard :]
  3. Welcome to NR Dave... Gotta love Zim!
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  4. Welcome to the forum mate!
  5. Cheers for the welcome, guys!
    I'm licenced as of yesterday, so it's time to pick up my gear, test ride all the bike, and start honing my craft.
  6. Howdy, let us know what you think of the bikes you test, if they will let you test them.
    Plenty of good roads to hone your skills, find a local carpark and practice the slow speed stuff, it's what lets most new riders down, literally.
    Cut some tennis balls in half and use them as cones.
    Good luck and happy riding.
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  7. I'm in the same boat, in SA, and just got my learners too hah. I'd been driving my grey sil80 in the hills for ages until I took it off the road to 'finish it'... now I want a bike; they're so much simpler!
  8. that tennis ball idea is brilliant! cheers!
  9. First test day is today, dude I've been dealing with has seemed pretty cool so far about letting me ride, advantage of being a "responsible" adult I guess.

    Yup, low speed stuff is high on the agenda, I'm pretty competent, but there's always scope for improvement. That tennis ball idea is freaking great! Cheers for that!
  10. Right, so I rode an MT07, a Gladius, and a Striple today. In that order. It was raining lightly, and the roads were greasy as hell, so a proper right it was not.

    The MT07 had a hell of a lot more punch than I anticipated. It's really quite pleasant at city speeds, and cracks along at highway speeds quite nicely. The rear suspension is perhaps a bit soft for a bloke of my -uh- stature, and it squatted pretty hard under full throttle. Did feel a bit touchy, but that could have just been jitters about it being my first ride. Will have to ride it again.

    Where the MT was pleasant at city speeds, the Gladius was beautiful, wonderful amount of torque. Perhaps not as maneuverable, but there wasn't much in it. Took on a few challenging surfaces, went well. Pretty keen.

    As for the Striple... How the shit is that at all legal?! Heaping handfuls of power everywhere. Not challenging at the speeds I was riding, but I know I'd spend quite some time on it and run out of skill well before I ran out of engine or chassis. Fantastic bike. Well balanced, well weighted, a real beauty to ride. but at near enough to $13k and the impending death if I buy, I think I'll leave that.

    Next up are the Hondas, CB400, and the 500x, and just the fun of it, despite the fact that I won't buy it, the monster 659.
  11. Yet more test riding today, including a decent belt up to highway speeds.

    First cab off the rank today was the Ducati Monster 659. What sticks most in my mind about this bike is the brakes. I unfortunately encountered a situation where I had to emergency brake and bring myself up from 70km/h in a ludicrously short space, the massive Brembos and ABS saved me a couple grand on insurance.
    Transmission was meh, hit a couple false neutrals, have to be rather forceful with the mechanism I found.
    The dash was pretty average I thought, even on an overcast day like today, it was difficult to read.
    And the low speed the fueling was horrible, it shunted along like a big cammed carbed V8 in a Maccas drive-through. Perhaps the included ecu with the optional Termi's would help here.
    And being an aircooled, it did run rather warm in traffic, liquid cooled would be a preference me thinks.
    It's a shame, it's a damn sexy bike, and was right at the tippy top of my list of wants, I was put off quite a bit by the ORC, and that alone was enough to steer me away from it, but if it was the right bike for me, I would have made it work.
    That the engine light came on as soon as I pulled back into the dealership wasn't an encouraging sign, haha.
    Maybe I'll revisit Ducati when I'm on my full licence, the 848 and the Diavel really spoke to me.

    Next up was all 3 flavours of Hondas CB500 range.
    Honda has put together an awesome platform here. I started with a used 500X with 8,000 kays behind it, and was very pleased with how maneuverable it was, getting around at parking lot speeds wasn't an issue at all, clutch is well weighted, and the rear brake has an excellent feel.
    Being the tallest bike I've ridden to date, it fit my 6'4" frame quite nicely.
    the 471cc twin, despite being down on power and torque next to everything else I've ridden had no trouble getting my fat ass up to highway speed and beyond.
    Transmission is smooth and user friendly, doing everything asked without hesitation.
    The dash is perfect, save for the lack of gear indicator, it sits right at the bottom of my field of vision, and I barely have to move my eyes to know what I need to know.
    Brakes didn't quite have the same level of feel and certainly not the same power as the Brembos on the Ducati, but were certainly adequate.
    It's a damn decent looking thing too, if you can look past the blue on the headlight.

    The F and the R being exactly the same chassis with a slightly shorter front fork, were practically the same in terms of ride-ability. Both gave a little up in low speed handling, but gained that again when the speed came up. YYMV.
    Riding position on the R was certainly more cramped than the X, but not uncomfortable on the short trip I was atop it. Despite my size, neither the R nor the F were unpleasant places to be.
    Where they lost points for me was the dash, set quite a bit lower than the X, a necessity for the type of bike, I had to make an effort to look down.
    Styling wise, I prefer the F, but that's because I'm a naked fan, the R looks its best in Honda colours, though it looks a bit weak with only a single disk on the front.

    The engine is I think one of the more accessible learner engines out, it's a sweet sounding thing, has excellent mid range, and is wonderful at full song, even through the standard (and horribly ugly) exhaust.
    It lacks the outright torque of the MT07 engine, and lags behind a bit on the Suzuki V-twin range, but every bit of the throttle is very usable. I don't like to use the word perfect, but for what I'd be using the bike for 90% of the time, I think it might be.

    Pricing is fantastic. The X comes in at $7,390 with ABS as standard, add $700 for an Akra exhaust. The F is $7,490, with ABS being a $500 option. I believe the R is about the same.

    500X to the top of the class.

    I'm ready to buy, it's just deciding what. I'm hoping to get back onto the 07, have a jitter and nerves free ride, see if it speaks to me when I'm not so worried.
    But if all goes well, I'll have myself a new bike this time next week.
  12. Sounds like you're probably gonna be happiest in the long run on a bigger bike. With that in mind, have you considered getting a cheaper bike to learn on with the intention of getting a better bike once you're unrestricted?

    I've also heard great stuff about the MT-07.
  13. Certainly be happiest on a taller one.

    Yeah, that's the plan, and why I'm leaning towards the Honda. Not exactly cheap, but far cheaper than the 07 equipped how I like it.
  14. So I went ahead and put an order on the Honda 500X today.
    including nearly $2k in accessories and $800 in gear, I'm paying $9,100 ride away.
    They're checking availability in the colours I want, red as preference, black as a second, white if I have to, guess I'll have to get creative with vinyl if it's white.
    They've got the white in stock, so if it comes down to it, I can ride it home tomorrow afternoon.
  15. Mine!

    Picked it up on Friday, already put 200 odd kays on it. Really enjoying it so far!
    Shame I have to pack it away for 4 days while I go to Perth. Boo.

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  16. Well done, enjoy the new toy.
  17. Interested to know what you did about the exhaust? Toying with a 'slip on' for my X and keen to hear about what others experience has been?