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Some riders..... ver2

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by booga, Dec 26, 2005.

  1. Well... along the lines of Sobils "some riders shouldn't have a licence"... I'm to add to that...

    Accident # 3: :roll:
    Was just cruising with a few people around the hills, was on the way back to BB's place when a right hander got the better of me.... came off the side of the road upright as per last time (see my recent "[TIP]" thread) and was ok... saw a ditch running on the side of the road, and very suprised to cross that with only a little trouble....
    Then came the real trouble... the concrete pipes and basins for the rain to cross under the road... SMACK into it, thought my forks were f%^&ed for sure... (all the while i was thinking, i dont need this before NSW trip tomorrow)... and as it went smack, there was a tank slap and the front wheel landed wrongly on the road.
    I low-sided... a bit dazed i saw my bike was no threat to the road traffic and just walked to the embankment and sat there, head/helmet in hands :cry: :cry: ...

    So off to Hospital i went with scrapes on my knee and a gouge off my elbow... and I was wearing my gear too, unlike that bloke who went past later not wearing any protective gear at all... and No, they didn't wire brush me :p .

    Damage to the bike: right mirror, right front indicator, ANOTHER screen, and scrapes all down the (now cracked) fairing and can.

    Thanks to Elenor and G for picking up my bike and Brian for riding it in its condition, to Jarah for making sure i was alright, and BB for driving me everywhere :)
    Yes, it was good i was riding with so many people.

    Needless to say I wont be heading to NSW tomorrow on the bike, just later in the car.

    So, Flipper, I'll have some bits for HQ this time ;) .

    PS. I'm too stuborn to let the road get the better of me, so I'll repair and keep on ridin'
  2. bad luck booga, hope all heals ok.
  3. jeez rotten luck Dave, I hope you and the bike heal quickly.
  4. Hey Dave, bad luck on your accident. Hope you get your bike fixed up real soon and back on the road. Glad to hear that you're ok.
  5. Bugger, tough luck... Let's hope this is tha last.
  6. bugga!
    heres to it not casting a bad shaddow over your new years festivites & holiday to NSW; hope the new year brings better things *hugs*
  7. Pity, hope you and the bike recover fastly :)
    What went wrong for you to come off the road?
  8. Most likely... too hot going in, with target fixation, and lack of confidence on getting furthar down....
    Also wasn't in the zone...
  9. Sorry to hear about your off mate, doesn't sound like there was much damage to you or the bike but i hope everything is fixed and ok soon.
  10. Jeez thats not what you want (this time of year especially).
    Lucky escape on the wire brush thingy. No one wants that I dont even wish that upon those drongoes who ride in stubbies,singlets and thongs.
  11. As long as you're still alive it's been a good day...you'll be up and riding in no time booga.
  12. You're still in one piece, which is what counts. :)

    Onward and upward!
  13. its all about learning , learn from it and you are moving forward.
    good to see you were wearing your gear

    stay safe
  14. Im due for my next one :eek:
  15. Once the head-hanging period is over (and it will be soon), you'll be itching to get back into it.

    Here's hoping it's the last time you'll have to tell us something like this, booga. Stay safe.
  16. Sorry to hear booga, I went out and wasnt in the zone either........been in the zone twice. I nearly had a few nasty corners but pegs stop me from getting down more so hellooooooo gravel.....
    Its all good.....its tough being hot all the time. ! ! !
  17. Dave, I'm really glad you didn't need the wire brush treatment too!

    It was mentioned and despite closing my eyes, I continued to have visions of it. :shock:

    Speedy recovery. :)
  18. Sorry to hear, probably the worse time of year to be having an off given that everything's shut. Good to hear you're okay though.
  19. Bugger mate. Glad to hear you are okay though. I hope your bike is fixed in no time.

    :grin: :grin:
  20. Hey Dave - managed to sell the bike for you - guy down the road thought it was a steal :p
    Just kidding - Zoe's looking after it real well :grin:
    Glad we were there to help & happily do it all again - but it aint gonna happen - is it :evil: