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Some Ramblings from my Day.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Wheres me Boike, Jul 2, 2015.

  1. #1 Wheres me Boike, Jul 2, 2015
    Last edited: Jul 2, 2015
    Driving back to the Job site Today in Melbourne, I noticed smoke over a fence. I thought, it's a bit odd burning off today and just after heavy rain. And why would anyone light a fire against their house. So, I pulled over, left the engine running, and had a peep over the fence to see the Boundary fence and surrounding vegetation fully a blaze.
    I Called the Fire Brigade and made my way around the side and in through the gate. Still on the phone I noticed a garden hose and started to put the fire out.
    Then a real cute Chick comes out of the house wearing only a Robe. Still on the phone to the Operator, "do you have the Fire under control?. I say No, I need you to come out. Then I hear some shouting from over the fence, it's the Neighbor. He has just realized he has accidently cause the fire and a few minutes later joins in with his hose.
    The Cute Chick goes back inside to get dressed. The Firey's show up and drag their hose inside just as the chick comes back out.
    An attractive Blonde, wearing tight Jeans and a loose Blouse.
    So, the Firey's stand round chatting with her.
    And I'm thinking, "He Guys! The Fire is over here!?, You Know.! WHERE ALL THE SMOKE IS?
    The fire was just about out by then.
    And I'm also thinking, If anyone's getting any phone Numbers outa this, It'll be me. OK?

    The Firey's were pretty cool.
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  2. Good job.

    Chick's dig uniforms. Go to a fancy dress shop hire a fireman's uniform and go and start another fire at her place....... :)
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  3. Its what we do, we are trained to take care of people in distress before assets, and if the situation is under control, as it seemed to be, the resident needs to be observed in case she goes into shock 3:)
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  4. Errrm, well, Ok, I agree.
    But, If she was an ugly, Short, Fat, Overweight, Chick, I'm having trouble seeing 5 Firey's standing round her salivating, and expecting her Phone number. :p
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  5. Fixed it for yah!
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  6. Hehe, How about I go into the laundry, find my cleanest pair of Chippy's overalls, go around to her place, and say, "Where's me night on the Town Sweety?
  7. We are trained to prioritize, do you save the tumbled down old shed with bowing walls, or the new trim and perky house, if the shed is already going up in flames you turn your attention to saving the new dwelling, especially if another crew, as the case was, is attending to the flames, as I said, its what we do ☺
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  8. Or mouth to mouth?? ;)
  9. Trained in first aid as well OldmaidOldmaid, assess the situation, then put the wet stuff on the hot stuff - as crew leader, I get to delegate who gets what hot stuff 3:)
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  10. Maybe she thought it was a stripagram?
    You did ring the real fire brigade, didn't you?
  11. :ROFLMAO: that is all