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some questions....

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by toodles, Apr 8, 2005.

  1. I said I'd be back with more annoying questions once I got my licence. :)

    1) Are there any courses run in QLD on motorcycle maintenance? Basic or otherwise, I'd like to get a rundown on what I should be doing with my new toy.

    2) I'm new to bikes so this ones kinda silly - do you take brand X bike to brand X dealer for servicing or can the bike be serviced properly by any dealership? (ie. would you go to a Honda shop exclusively for servicing your Honda?)

    3) Any recommendations for a mechanics (Honda) on Brisbane's Southside (Logan) area?
  2. Can't answer 1) and 3) as I'm in Victoria but as for 2), it depends on the bike. If it was new you might have to return it to the dealer for it's first 1000km service otherwise you might void the warranty. Some bike manufacturers also say that for the life of the 2/3 year 100/150 thou warranties (or whatever they are) then you must return it to approved dealer for servicing.
    In some instances it might be better to return your bike to the same shop as the brand of bike as they supposedly have better knowledge of the bike but this is not always the case.
    A lot of the basic servicing you can do yourself and this preventative maintenance can save some trouble in the long run.
    For the more major things find a mech that i) you can trust ii) has good prices iii) you like dealing with and are comfortable with iv) that services your bike how you like it v) that listens to the questions you ask, difficult? maybe?
  3. there not annoying.

    1) Thats what place like this are for , to help with things like that.
    also getting onto forum like
    as they are mainly NSW and Qld based will help
    and a forum dedicated to your bike .(say you have a suzuki across , get onto the across site at twincams etc )

    2) you can take brand X to them that isnt a problem , the hardest thing is finding a mechanic / dealership that your happy with , ask about on over clockers etc (but read the site first to make sure that it hasnt been posted up first) esp as the are more qil'ers up there .
    but once you find a decent mechanic stick with them
    3) as above