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Some questions on a Honda CBR 500 R

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Mork, Feb 10, 2015.

  1. Hi,

    Need some help here. I have a new Honda CBR 500 R with 600km on the clock,I have issues with the following

    1) There is play in the throttle. ie I have to turn the throttle 1/8 before it starts engaging. Find this particularly disconcerting. I asked the shop to remove this play, they said that they had reduced it as much as possible, but that there has to be play to operate properly. I'm a noob but this does not sound right. What do you think??

    2) The gear change both up and down is clunky and noisy. I don't recall the test bikes being so noisy or stiff.

    Your opinions much appreciated.

  2. Hi Mark

    Welcome to NR.

    Question 1: You need some play in the throttle. I believe recommend value is around 6mm of play, before engine revs increase. If there is more than that, it can easily be adjusted. If you are mechanically sound, or have some basic skills, I would highly recommend purchasing a service manual. Its a detailed how-to- everything :)

    Question 2: Its brand new, so stiff gear changes was also present with my CBR 500 R. It will get smoother after the 1000km oil change.

    Good luck. The CBR500's are awesome!
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    It's also a LAMS bike. Mine has a bit if play in it too, you will get used to it.

    Make sure you lube the chain, the sound and feel will also ease a great deal with regular and (initially) generous chain lubrication.

    Oh and make sure you're practicing your quick shifting while breaking in the new bike! :D
  4. Some helpful tips here Mork about how to adjust the throttle free-play: http://www.cbr500riders.com/forum/h...e-chain-adjustment-throttle-cable-adjust.html

    Most bikes I've had I have adjusted in to the minimum as I don't like the slack. The slack will be slightly different on each lock, ie: make sure there is still some free-play when the 'bars are turned either way, otherwise it will go faster when you're turning tight circles!!

    Happy riding..........
  5. Nice work NedNed , I'll be using this as a reference guide too!
  6. Don't overdo adjustment, you need some slack. The owners handbook should tell you how much. If it more than that get the shop to adjust and if they can't ask why given the handbook spec.

    Most noobs though tend to be ham fisted and the problem may be with the rider. Smooth is the key.
  7. I always adjust the throttle so it has minimal slack on full lock.

    As this is done at full lock throttle slack will increase in a steering straight position. While this might not feel right it reduces the chance of the engine revving when the steering is turned.

    600km on the engine is way too early to be concerned about the gearbox. Give it some time to settle in, change the oil at 1000km and make sure the clutch is correctly adjusted.

    Also as previously said, CBR500s are awesome, enjoy.
  8. Reviving thread. I just went to my dealer to ask about a noise that seems to be the fuel pump. While I was there they asked if I had done my 6k service. My service book states I don't need one until 12k?? Any ideas?? Would rather not pay for extra service if not needed.
  9. 6k service is not a mandatory service. The 12k is your scheduled service as per owners manual.

    I personally change the oil and oil filter every 6k, but the 12k interval services I take to the dealer. I save around $120 every time I do the oil change myself, and it takes 1 hour ;)
  10. Yup, they have a 12k service interval. A lot of shops aren't used to the longer intervals.
  11. So, do I cancel the service or no?? I hate spending money I don't need to. It's my Scottish genes!! But I'd probably be screwed trying to do oil myself??
  12. Mine burnt a fair bit of oil, I topped it up at 6k and rode on. Serviced at 12k - no dramas.

    The fairings are annoying to get off, but the oil change itself is rather straight forward.
  13. Fairings??

    Do you have the CBR500R? I've never had to remove fairings while doing an oil and filter change.
  14. If you are not comfortable doing it yourself, then take it in. But its not a must do service. Just keep an eye on your oil level. If its low just top it up.