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some questions about the PI motogp

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by someonehappyau, Sep 17, 2008.

  1. I did try to search for the answers but failed.

    I'm going to ride to philip island for this year's motogp. I haven't been there before, so here's some questions.

    1. Do I have to apply for parking before I got there? I saw there's a application form on the australian motogp website, but it seems I have to apply before 15,Sep.

    2. Someone said it will be very crowded. I just wondering how crowded it will be? Will it become a nightmare instead of a enjoyment.

    3. It seems there're 2 parking palce, one in the west near the main straight, and another one in the east on the other side of the circuit. Any recommendations?

    This is my first time going to Melbourne too. So I probably will spend a few more days to enjoy the beautiful vic roads, such as the GOR. Any other recommendations are welcome.

    Hope the weather will be good then.

    Thanks for your help.

  2. 1. no
    2. no
    4. no
  3. You're a one track mind kinda guy rog! LOL
  4. No,I'm not.
  5. Hey thanx for asking those questions mate. It answered all the ones i had to.

    Some mates and i are leaving very early sunday morning to ride down for the day sunday. Like 5:30am early.

    If anyone else is doing the same and wants to join us just let me know.


  6. Speaking of the AGP I just downloaded the program of events. I was somewhat dismayed to see that there are no aerial displays this year. ie. no F18s.


    Other than the GP itself (the 800s) it's my favorite event of the weekend.

    To the OP, if you want to hang out on the main straight or try to get to the podium after the race then park in the car/bike park to the west of the circuit. If you're gonna hang out at say Lukey Heights or down at Siberia, then the other car park is the go.

    The website has info on parking. Not sure what it costs but it's not expensive. Tip: throw something in, such as a bit of wood, flattened drink can or whatever for the sidestand. Nothing worse than to return to the bike to find it being propped up by some bikie's Harley...
  7. enjoy every moment. good idea to start out early. you will have a good time.
  8. No, don't apply for parking before you get there. There's a large cow field where all the bikes park, which reminds me, if you have a little piece of wood or something flat/hard to put under your sidestand, it might be an idea to bring one along. You don't want you sidestand to sink into the soft turf & then find you bike on it's side at the end of the day.

    It's crowded, as events go, but in a good way. Still gives you room to move etc. The bike expo tent gets a few numbers in there, but you'll be right. At worst having something to stand on might be an idea as it gets a few deep around the track edge when the noisy bikes are out, but still leaves vantage points on the gentle slopes in the spectator areas around the track.

    Best place to park your bike is the parking area to the west of the track - kinda where a majority of people park & I think it's a few steps closer to where all the action is.

    If you ride up/back from Melb on race day, then be perpared for creative group riding techniques, like 4 abreast on the wrong side of the road. Seems that big bike numbers lowers the standard, but don't be afraid to stand up for whats right & lead by example.
  9. Dont park Camp leave ya bike at your tent and have a great weekend Ive enjoyed the track camping for many many years wet or dry hot and cold its always fun (unless your from queensland and whine about the cold that is ) Consider Camping high side or trackside its a fun day and a fun night..
  10. me and a mate are camping for sat nyt at the highside. never been before, but so pumped!
  11. I am heading down on Wednesday at this stage after the Netrider Dinner.

    although I am booked on the Wed 2pm bus, I'm trying to get away later so I can attend the dinner.

    I got 4 days of working in the Pits & Paddock.

    I swear I get all the "crap jobs" :p
  12. Are you a "Pit Moll" again, Vic?

    Apologise at once!!!!!!

    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

    But yes, I am working as a pit rover.
  14. thanks for raising these questions, guys, and thanks for the advice.

    one more request while on this topic - have any of you guys who've been to PI motogp lots of times any recommendations where to stake a spot for gen entry on sunday and hang out for the day ? eg siberia, or nr turn 10 or 2 ? worth getting a spot with views of the big screens ?

    many thanks
  15. im also curious of the above question, thinking that ill spend most my saturday walking round the track picking a good spot (and most my saturday night forgetting it haha)
  16. Walk around and look from all angles. Make your choice from all the information. Well worth the walk.
  17. with such a negative attitude :p
  18. Personally. I would watch at turn one.
  19. id say get there early, do a lap walking (yeah its worth it) then settle in as soon as possible. it gets crowds of people and can be hard to get a place with a view if you leave it too late. i tend to sit at the top end of the track.. somewhere between turn 10 and 12. and yes, its an advantage to be able to see the big screens. most of the time you cant hear or understand the announcers over the PA system, and the big pretty pictures help with seeing what is ahppening the rest of the track where you cant see the action.
  20. Hayshed is good vantage point. You can see the bikes into turn 1, through 6 and right through siberia up into lukey heights.

    Its a good 200m from a bar though, so if your not really into using your legs maybe try another spot.