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some questions about leather jackets...

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by black666, Oct 12, 2008.

  1. hi peoples :) so im looking at getting a leather jacket and as much as i would love a dainese etc im looking more at the sub 500$ bracket. ive tried a few on that i like and , while the size is apparently right (about a 48 or 50 Euro) they seem really uncomfortable compared to my driRider (air mesh v2) Im assuming that being leather it will soften but by how much? - what sort of fit should i be going for - it felt a bit like wearing a straight jacket to be honest! :LOL: any thoughts?

  2. They do feel as stiff as a board initially but once "worn in" they will become a lot more supple.
  3. Ditto what Vic says, just like a good pair of shoes will 'bed in' with wear, so will a leather jacket.

    But buy a size that you can wear a shirt and a light jumper or skivvy underneath, increases your options as to what season you can wear it....
  4. Its been my experience that the innards of bugs, bees, locusts and an assortment of other flying insects help to soften leather nicely :LOL:
  5. If you are buying new, get it on the tight side (but not too tight). New leather will soften and "Stretch".

    There is always a good selection of Dainese jackets on eBay if you want sub $500. Sometimes a slightly used jacket is still better than a new, lesser quality jacket. If buying used, it will already have stretched somewhat, so not too tight.

    A loose jacket does not serve its purpose so make sure you don't go that way.
  6. What were you doing when you tried the jacket on? They are specifically designed to fit when you are in the riding position. If you were wildly flailing your arms in the middle of the bike shop exclaiming that it is restrictive... well... you will know for next time.

    If you get one that is too loose, apart from not protecting you properly, it could flap about in the breeze when you ride and be annoying.
  7. thanks for the advice guys - ill keep my eye out for a second hand one as well. yeah.. i didnt try it out in the riding position....but im sure its much better hunched over..still it just seemed extreemly restrictive...but i guess thats the way there supposed to be. cheers :)