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Some Q's about Dirtbiking?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by gpxkermit250, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. Went to a boozy BBQ Saturday night. Most of the people there I didnt know that well but it only took about 5mins to realise that everyone was into bikes and was happy to spin the BS wheel all night about it.

    There was one bloke there, just about to turn 18 who is a mad dirtbiker as well, and he is finding it difficult to get ahead of the pack when he goes racing on weekends at various tracks.

    I told him that I would post a thread for him today asking a couple of questions/get some free advice that may help him or refer him to any websites etc.

    Q1: What weight training can he/should he do to help with core and leg strength. Would this be of value and why?

    Q2: He reckons that he does some of his best riding when he doesnt use the foot pegs as much as he should (as per all the opinions) and uses his legs swaying and free more for balance. I cant see how this would benefit him, but what are the possible pro's and cons of different methods of using footpegs when racing on Dirtbikes?

  2. cycling for leg strength at the expense of his manhood :LOL:
    I was taught to stand on the front half of my feet unless i had to change gears or brake, so basically round corners and over jumps but you need strong ankles to do this, it helps you feel mobile on the bike and gives the feeling of faster position changes and improves ballance, whather or not it works though?
    As for wholeshots, the first thing you do is clear the tyres of any dirt, then when staging move your weight to the rear of the seat. There is usually a 10 or 5 second board at most races so use this time to apply the front brake and find the friction point, as for the launch itself i used to keep my left foot on the peg and used my body weight to steer until i got moving, another good tip i have been told by afew people is to watch the berm not the gate only use the corner of your eye to watch the gate of the far left or right rider drop as your priferal vision when trained a few times is supposed to be more reactive, i havn't done this so i cant comment on it.