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WA Some Positive Press in the West

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by PatB, Jul 26, 2012.

  1. Given the discussion going on regarding Neil Mitchell's sudden interest in the filtering issue, I was quite pleased to see this in yesterday's Worst Australian.

    I've not much time for Troy Buswell but I'm prepared to give him credit where it's due as that rare thing, a Transport Minister who's prepared to be at least guardedly positive about motorcycles.

    I'll also give a tick to the MRA WA. I used to be a member but let my subscription lapse when they appeared to have faded into invisibility. I might have to rejoin now.

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  2. Wow, that's a really positive approach. Hopefully some good ideas and actual results come out of it. Nice
  3. Definitely, I'm in Vietnam right now and there a few intersections keep the cars with red stop lights while a green light in the shape of a bike lets the bikes go maybe 5 seconds before.

    Not that anyone really obeys the lights here anyway. But I like the idea.

    We already have pushbike first, then car lights in Melbourne (e.g. intersection Brunswick St/Alexandra Pde heading south).

    PS: Countdown traffic lights are awesome.
  4. Dave Wright has been plugging away over there and getting a few wins on the board. It's nice to see the Leuven report actually beingp icked up by mainstream media -well by the West Australian at least :)
  5. If you examine the article, you'll notice that the positive ideas appear to be coming from the Dave Wright, MRA and the journalist. Buswell is being quite noncommittal, although he should get some credit for establishing the working group.
    This should be worth watching.
  6. I might need to move to WA. I will be watching this closely.
  7. Well done WA!

    Someone give Dave a cigar from me :)
  8. I realise that, but even having a Transport Minister mention motorcycles without the obligatory hand-wringing over the dangers is a positive step, IMHO. Yes, I know I have low expectations, but I'm rarely disappointed :D.

    Then again, Buswell has also recently been associated with a push to recognise that cyclists bimbling around at low speeds and in light/non-existent traffic probably won't die horribly the moment they leave their helmets off. And been largely unmoved by the flaming he received from the safetycrats, I should add. Another positive mark on Troy Boy's ledger.