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Some place to go

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Bumblebeeman1150, May 27, 2012.

  1. It seems to me that new riders need a quiet place to just ride and ride, around in circles, stops and starts, left and right turns, roundabouts, lane changes, intersections, traffic islands, clear apexes and blind ones. Just time on board the bike without a million cars around to freak you out.

    The place that Raid and I used first up is one such place, but there are dozens, hundreds, around the country. And people often ask here about places to practice, either by themselves or with some one else to guide them.

    So should we post such places here that we know of? The criteria should cover diversity, lack of traffic (even if only on the weekend or at night), good road surfaces, and places to revisit all the stuff in the riding test (slow manoeuvres, parking etc). Another criteria should be using them sensibly, so that the businesses in the area don't arc up. [-X

    Here's what I mean. Both the Schneider Road/Trade Coast area (upper centre) and the Laverack Avenue area (lower right) have heaps to offer.

    Just a thought.


  2. This thread is an awesome idea! One will have to look at the city the poster lives in though.

    Can't believe that it too me until yesterday to find out about the 'Yarra Boulevard'. And I have to say that it was for myself a great introduction to my first curvy road. Had so much fun, it's as if they set up the road for beginners like me. Wish I had known about it earlier.

    Would be great to know what other roads there are, combined with their level of difficulty.
  3. Great idea. Keen to see the western suburbs of Brissy....
  4. Absolutely! I must acquaint myself with Yarra Boulevard sometime soon. For those wanting a nice curving road that is not too challenging for a beginner I can also recommend the road between Woodend and Daylesford. :) It is 80 km/h for the best windy portion between Bullarto and Daylesford, but good fun for all that.

  5. The first place I'd look in West Brisbane is an industrial area like Sumner (sorry, can't link on my phone). Normally little traffic on weekends.
  6. For brand new learners I'd recommend new housing estates. Somewhere there are half finished houses. They're deserted on weekends, and the roads are just normal roads without the traffic. Industrial estates on weekends work too though.

  7. Just a caviat with the "new housing estates". If they're still under construction, there are lots random things on the road.. And by random, I mean nails.