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Some photos from where I work

Discussion in 'Non-Bikes' started by Valkrider, Apr 11, 2015.

  1. I'm fortunate enough to work outside as a driver of a small chain driven car ferry on the Norfolk Broads in the UK.
    I get to see some fantastic things and quite often I have my camera with me.
    I'm not a great photographer and don't really understand the ins and outs of a camera but I just like to point and shoot.
    The camera I use is a Fujifilm S4400 bridge camera which suits me fine.

    The ferry

    Morning sunrise

    I get some interesting cars aboard, this is a 1927 Stanley Steamcar

    This little fella often says hello

    And finally, evening time
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  2. I'd say you're doing pretty well . Great pictures mate.
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  3. jealous a tad.
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  4. Hey sigiandhollysigiandholly where are your latest photos...these ones are humdingers!! :woot:
  5. Lovely pics mate
  6. Looks awesome.. one could hardly call that work :)
  7. top shots
  8. My work is staring at a LCD screen...

    Awesome pics there... Keep'em coming..
  9. That's so cool ValkriderValkrider - thanks for sharing. (y)I've only discovered this thread today :) It's amazing being able to work outside for your job or at least part of it. Couldn't stand staring at a computer screen all day... :yuck:

    Being an ecologist / marine biologist I have seen and been some some amazing places... It's a pity I can't travel on my bike between jobs.... :rolleyes: Theres some interesting characters that you meet.

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  10. beautiful pics ValvolineValvoline, just beautiful, they melted me a little! :love:
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  11. A few more for you.
    Because the area is so flat I can see whats coming my way.

    We had some visitors to the pub who had a few $$$ in the bank.

    Some of them are quite arrogant.

    Something quite rare came past, an old Norfolk Wherry

    Had some old gipsy carts on board the other week.

    And this is me trying to take a different kind of photo

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  12. What a fantastic job you have, well done. I don't do furry things that move, give me mechanical and I'm happy as a pig in sh!t ;)

    Thanks Bitsar, it's an unusual job, but I like it.
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  13. Great thread revival...........

    Should I do my bit with some pics......?
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  14. 20160719_091331.
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  15. Sometimes I take my bike to work. (Photo not taken by me)

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  16. The view from the office is quite boring as you can see.

    Pity I never actually spend any time in North Sydney.

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  17. Pffft you and your multi millon dollar ceo views GeorgeOGeorgeO.

    I have the views too......just not the pay packet whilst I fix your AC. IMG-20160705-WA0008.
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  18. ValkriderValkrider great pics. Do they only pay you when you get to the other side?
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  19. I wish mate, I wish. Still buying Lotto and Powerball.
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