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some people suck (kinda long-ish)

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Brad85, Jan 16, 2006.

  1. Took my recently purchased 2002 Aprilia RS125 for a ride the other day in Berwick in just my jeans and a tee (regretfully, although was wearing helmet, gloves and boots) and as I pulled into a left lane turn off thing, hit some sandy gravel that had spilled from the island in between the turn off lane and the main road.
    being a learner, didnt know what to do as I hit the gravel while already leaning into the turn. (any advice?) but anyway, locked up front brake, lowsided onto left side, rolled and skidded a bit on my back and came to a stop inches before a road sign. The bike suffered scratches to left fairings, broken front indicator and broken footrest.
    My grudge is that straight after this happened, i stood the bike up and parked it halfway across this lane, its a quiet lane so wasnt an issue. As i was picking up the indicator remains, bits and pieces and generally feeling sorry for myself, a cage had the nerve to slow right down, drive AROUND my bike, observing an obviously shaken and bleeding rider picking up bike remnants, and they didnt even stop to ask how i was.
    I couldnt believe it.
    Some people just don't care

  2. Brad
    firstly let me say welcome aborad .

    secondly , get a jacket mate , save the skin , even if its a cheap one.

    thirdly , cages not stopping , welcome to motorcycling

    fourthly , see posts in rides and events section for friday night coffee at southbank .

  3. Welcome Brad.

    Sorry to hear about the off - I hope you're not too badly hurt.

    Get a jacket and some pants to go with your helmet, boots, and gloves ;)

  4. sorry to hear that bud.

    great lesson to learn that offs can happen anytime

    hope you weren't hurt too bad?
  5. Sucks that the car didn't stop, probably not much you could have done to prevent that - only thing that would have really worked would have to straightened the bike up before hitting the gravel (probably shouldn't have grabbed the front brakes either - might have been possible to just ride through it).
  6. shit happens brad..
    some driver are pricks, others arent.

    few w/ends ago, i was riding with others riding towards Black Rock
    & decided to let loose on the throttle & flew past this car. several
    km's up the road i pulled over to the kerb, hopped off to wait for the
    others to rock up. the car i had flew past stopped next to me, wound
    down the window & asked if everything was ok & if i needed help :grin:

    u were just unlucky the ones driving past u couldnt give 2 shits about

    btw, refrain from using front brakes on a corner dude. thats just asking
    from trouble & cover ya skin. a bike or parts can be replaced for new
    again. same cant be said about ya skin.

    always carry a mobile on u as well :wink:

    & welcome to netrider Brad :wink:

    the guys here will always give u tips/help etc if u need it. dont be hesitant
    to ask
  7. What are you whining about mate? At least they didn't just prop in the lane and lean on the horn like usual. :)
  8. Bummer. Glad you're in one piece.

    It's the luck of the draw - sometimes they stop, sometimes they don't. I had an SMIDSY years ago - a bloke stopped his car, got my jacket off me (I had a broken arm - he was worried that the ambo's might cut my leathers) and then told me he was a witness. I said "what did you see?" and he said "what did you want me to see?" We both knew that he didn't see a thing. I bought a Norton with the "pain and suffering" payout. I still owe him a beer.

    Like the others said - don't ride in a tee. Chicks might dig scars but it isn't worth it.

    Looking forward to seeing you on a ride.

    Cool bike. Better car. Got any photos of the XU-1? Damn fine machine, even if it is a mockup. I can understand why you miss it.
  9. disk lock through the front winshield will loosing off the horn :LOL:
    "it fell off during the crash officer ....really it did "
  10. nice one :grin:
  11. Sorry to hear about your off, but regarding the above, the few times I've hit a brief patch of gravel unexpectedly while leaning, I just rode it out - ie. start to slip, you get that "oh shit" kind of feeling and it grips again in an instant before things go awry. Maybe just lucky and very brief sections, I'm not sure. And another thing, I know we're all told to look through corners and to where you want to go etc. etc., but also paying a little attention to what is going to be in front of the bike while cornering might help also, ie. I'm leaning and turning my head and moving focus on where I want to head, but I'm also very briefly flicking my eyes down to the road taking quick peeks in the meantime - I don't trust what's on the road that I'm not seeing and it's become second nature now.
  12. Welcome to the forums Brad85. Bad luck on the crash but good to know that you walked away from it. You'll be up and riding again in no time.
  13. bad luck man
    and i hope u get better real soon
  14. ah man, hope them scars heal up, at least your ok, damn those cagers to hell!
  15. It could have been worse. It could have been 2 bike riders slow down and go around you. 3 car drivers stopped when I had my first off.
  16. What groberts said, Brad, (the first one! :grin:)
  17. Some times i reckon that cagers think that it may be a trap to try and get them to stop so we can mug them, steal their wallet, then drive off in their cars!

    Knowing how disreputable all us evil biker type's are... they convince themselves that hiding in the bushes just behind a downed and bleeding motorcyclist must be half of the Hells Angel's MC ready to rumble! Atleast if the Hells Angels were there one of them might give ya a hand lifting the bike as opposed to driving/riding around you!
  18. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  19. some alright advice here.
  20. Brad85 i am sorry to hear of your fall i hope you are ok ,i was just remembering that november 2005 my bike broke down 22 klm from home ( i live in the country ) i left my bike hidden and started walking along the highway WITH my helmet in my hand on a hot 30 + degree day at 3 pm from Cathkin to Merton NOT ONE biker or car or truck stopped or offered help ,believe me there were many riders going both directions,so basicly being female carrying a helmet in hot weather wont get any attention either.my bike had a whole top end done with new piston and valvesect to find out that the valve had jammed when i started it darned constly exercise to go pick up a few books :shock: