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Some people should just not drive! (long read)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by firefling, Feb 14, 2005.

  1. This morning, as I'm tootling along Dandenong Rd, have to turn right into Warrigal Rd for the freeway entrance. At the intersection, a merc has pulled up in front with emergency blinkers on, and it's not moving. Pulled up behind her, hopped off, and knocked on the window. She looks kinda distrustful and very hesitant to wind down window. (Yer, I'm gonna mug her in front of peak hour traffic, in the morning in bright sunshine with a friendly smile on my face. :roll:)

    Anyway, asked her if she wants a hand in pushing the car to a quieter street as she's blocking traffic. She tells me it can't be pushed cause it's an auto. Ye gawds, at this point I should've taken the hint that I'm dealing with a total nincompoop here. But I plow on and tell her to put it into neutral, release handbrake, and I'll try to push her outta there. Goes to the back, push a bit, car's going nowhere, go to the window, make sure she's got it into neutral and suggested she could also help push the car. She looks at me like I'm a total idiot. *Shrug* goes to the back try pushing it again. It's not going anywhere. Go to the front to check and after all this time, she had the brakes on.

    "Of course I had the brakes on, it's red light" Has she never heard of momentum? And did she even think of telling me? :evil:

    Well lights turn green, hurry back to the back of the car for the umpteenth time, put 1 hand on the back and the merc takes off leaving me in a "WTF..???" :-s

    Yikes, now I'm holding up traffic, shove my glove back on, bike roars into action, and off I go. Passed by her with her emergency lights still on but she's on the left and there's a petrol station nearby so I'd leave it at that.

    Onto the ramp, and waiting for the car in front to go before I can when all the sudden the merc is on the inside emergency lane, and proceeds to undertake everybody and totally ignoring the ramp lights. :shock: :shock:

    She's not going any faster than 60km/h while she's doing this and I believe that she was only doing that speed when she started merging into the traffic. And she still has the emergency blinkers on. Shake my head and take off.

    Some people really should not be on the road. :? :roll:

  2. Mercedes drivers. :evil: :roll:
  3. And I thought Volvo drivers were bad. lol!!!

    :D :D
  4. Lucky for her Daddy or Sugar Daddy could afford such a nice car for the little possum. God knows she couldn't buy one by relying on her own brain power to earn one :roll: :? . You did well perservering that long 'Fling.

    Anyhoo mercs are shit. You should hear about the number of faults they have and the number of times a new one can be brought back in to fix electrical/ ECU problems. A large number aren't even made in Germany anymore - needless to say they are the ones to break down constantly. In case you were wondering the C Class is a major player for the lemon awards and the gAy Class is well named :D . Just thought I'd mention all that...now go back to something interesting....
  5. Yeah funny how out here people can get excited by a C-class Merc as a "luxury sedan" whereas in Germany they're used mainly as taxis, rental cars and any other situation that requires cheap, simple transport. Really just the German version of a base model Falcon/Commodore. People should really be more concerned with how they drive than what they drive.
  6. So true! When I first visited Germany I was so impressed that they used Mercs as taxis etc...until it was explained to me that they were the base no frills model and do you want one for under 10 grand? Takes the excitement out of it all a bit. We're heavliy under the sway of the Ad Man regarding the whole "exclusive" tag around these cars.
  7. Nah I don't blame the car, just the driver. It was obvious that her car wasn't working properly, but instead of pulling into the petrol station she had to get onto the freeway. Doofus :roll:
  8. that'll learn you for stopping to help a cager :LOL:

    i know, i cant talk, i've stopped to help them a few times myself. its not their fault they're cagers now is it? gotta feel sorry for them eh....
  9. Gee FF you're right - another driver who shouldn't have their licence.

    How's that, you try doing the right thing and before long you look like the idiot! First she thinks you'll probably mug her 'cause your one of those 'bikie types' then the car gets going leaving you blocking traffic - you may as well laugh about it now.

    So the question remains , will you be stopping to help out another merc stopped in traffic with its hazards on, or will you just be applying the FIDO (f*#* it and drive on) principle!?
  10. I've been laughing all day whenever I think about it. Trust me, it doesn't take that much to make me look like an idiot, ask me next time about riding a pushie in the dark on the opposite side of the road. :wink: :LOL:

    And one nincompoop driver doesn't equate to all drivers. Lots of drivers out there who are bikers in disguise :)
  11. Yeah, true 'fling. Most people I've ever helped have been greatful and didn't come back to haunt me later down the road! :p
  12. there is nothing worst than an elderly asian driver,

    my old man is 50......
    he cant merge
    he can't changer lanes
    he can't park actualy....... i dont know wat he can do!!!

    i hope it's not genetic,
  13. there is nothing worst than an elderly asian driver,

    my old man is 50......
    he cant merge
    he can't changer lanes
    he can't park actualy....... i dont know wat he can do!!!

    i hope it's not genetic,
    and i'm a half cast, so it's not all bad 8)