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Some people just don't look

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by live4themoment, Oct 27, 2007.

  1. I was going through the shopping centre car park today i was coming down the part that goes down the middle that has the right of way the whole way to the end. When i got to the second little cross section a commodore came rolling over the give way line right in front of me i was 1 meter away from going right in to the side of him (His lucky its a slow speed limit in car park).
    I could see his face clearly the whole way and he didnt even look once left or right even after i sat 1 meter from his side and beeped my horn he didnt even look.
    Usually i dont do anything but for some reason i think the build up of all the idiots who cut me off etc just built up i looped around and came up beside him as he was still looking for a car spot ohh how tempted i was to smack his mirror but didnt want to risk anything happening to me legal wise so i just pulled up next to him pulled my visor up reached to his window gave him the sign for hello how are you and shouted how about you look next time you f&^cking D&^khead. With the shocked look on him and his wifes face off i went.
    I dont usually say anything but i must admit it feels good to vent steam sometimes.

  2. a similar thing have happened to me. sometimes I suspect they think we are hells angels, piss themselves when they realise they have done something wrong and try and pretend we are not there.
  3. plus one for being the better man. You got their attention, and you educated a driver. smashing a mirror would do SFA to educate them.
  4. try this next time, if you can:

    Pull up in front of them
    get off bike
    take out pen & paper
    write down Rego, Make, Model, Colour, Date & Time.

    When they inquire what the hell you're doing, tell them that you want to make sure you have all the relevant details for the DANGEROUS DRIVING complaint you're going to make to the Police !!!

    Ride off

    They'll be left wondering and crapping themselves.

    Up to you if you actually go to the cops or not.
  5. Good idea Doonx. I often want to take a pen and paper with me to the shopping centres and leave notes on people cars that park across all the the bike parking slots. Or the one that annoys me the most are the ones that park in the main driving part so you come around the corner and should be a open stretch in front of u then all of a sudden there is a car that decided it doesnt need to park in the bays it will park next to the last car in the middle of the path.
  6. Good job keeping your cool enough not to get physical - that doesn't help the problem or our image. Hopefully you shook that driver up enough to make him look next time.
  7. I had a police car pull into my lane this morning, without checking his blind spot. He changed lane just as we had come off a double lane right hand turn. Not a safe place to chaneg lanes under any circumstances, and not what I would expect from a highly trained driver.

    I was at a slight loss as to what I should do.

    He noticed what he had done, but did not even make an apologetic signal.

  8. I had a copper start to change lanes without looking. I hit the horn and swerved a little (just for dramatic impression). He shot look straight in the mirror and pulled back into his lane. I accelerated up next to him, and just turned my head and looked at him. He looked back at me for a moment, raised his eyebrows and gave me a half nod. I stayed next to him for the next 500-600 metres and then slowly pulled away from him. He understood.

    Doesn't mean he wouldn't do it again
  9. No need for pen and paper - take a photo of the number plate with a camera phone!!!

    I haven't used a shopping centre carpark while on the bike, will keep avoiding it as long as possible!!!

    My uncle used to leave this note on cars, with a picture of Mickey Mouse flippin the bird...

    'Thanks for parking so close. Next time leave a f*&king can opener so I can get my car out! A55holes like you should take the bus.'
  10. +1 Easier and quicker to take a picture.

    LMAO at your uncle, Carol! :LOL:
  11. Shopping center carparks are VERY scary places. :cry:

    Can't think why the council just doesn't dig them up and plant trees or something. :wink:
  12. lol ive seen that site, but im at a loss of how that ever affects them lol, like who actually goes there, only people complaining. not the idiotic drivers themselves.