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Some people just dont get it :-)

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by VTRBob, Nov 26, 2008.

  1. Ok I'll set the mood :LOL:

    I'm happily watching Austar and drying out from working in the rain all day.
    Anyhoo ...... from Nadeen " oh I taped the trailer for the new Star trek movie thats out next year, that was on Sunrise yesterday morning do you want to see it before I tape over it ? "

    Does a bear shit in the woods ? :roll:

    So here I am watching, and liking what I'm seeing [ what is it with all these prequels anyway ? ]

    Then they show a bit where you meet a very young and reckless James Tiberius Kirk well before his 'starfleet' induction, and I burst out laughing !! :LOL:

    Nadeen : I dont get it whats so funny about that ?

    Bob : um .... if i had to my dear that is how I WOULD have pictured him B.SF

    Nadeen : But i used to watch the old series, I just dont see how that was funny.

    Bob : Dont worry, you may have watched it, but not really watched it

    Nadeen : Oh you and your bloody Sci Fi crap :twisted:

    With that she stopped the video and got comfortable to watch her shows that she tapes DAILY .... Bold & the dreary , Home and away , and Opera ! :shock: :LOL:
  2. Sorry, Bob, I don't get it either, but I'm not a Trekkie, so I guess that's the reason.....
  3. I'd say that's clear grounds for euthanasia, but then I don't think much more highly of your star trek geekery either. I guess you make a perfect couple!
  4. Well at least I didn't make you watch it last time you visited :p

    Oh and while Im om the subject.... I found a much better way to 'cruise' Waterfall way thanks to my boss :twisted:

    Try doing it @ 2AM on a balmy sub tropical night :cool:
    With the added bonus of being able to see oncoming headlights, you can use up alot more of the road and traverse it even quicker :twisted: :p

    Then again if memory serves , in 4 runs we didn't even see another vehicle :rofl:
  5. Not for more than about 3 seconds, anyway... :twisted:
  6. VTR Bob, may be it is anti netrider stuff your partner is displaying.
    Hunted & gathered early this morning for fresh food, spent the day on boring accountant stuff and paperwork. Cooked delicious dinner, other half fell asleep on the couch and was unable to get up to eat dinner at table, so served it to him on the couch and ate my dinner alone at the table, with no conversation etc.

    On finishing dinner on the couch, other half quickly got up, sat on a chair (same as at table) logged into Netrider and found the energy to communicate on the big world wide web!!!!!1
  7. :rofl: oh you got that all so wrong :p

    For starters she can burn water :LOL: I do ALL the cooking, while she has a nanny nap :grin: and I'm not allowed to disturb her while she is catching up on all the shows taped during the day......... her exact words most nights " oh go and jump on the net and stop pestering me for sex for a few hrs" :LOL:
  8. do you really get pestered for sex? How nice. Maybe I should start watching the telly instead of all the other stuff I do, and if the other half stopped drinking 3 bottles of p.n. per day....................
  9. I dont get it... but i dont watch any of the crap you listed in OP :p
  10. on a side note i have 2 posters for the star wars clone wars movie for sale.

    Poster features two Jedi, Yoda and a storm trooper from the upcoming Star Wars: The Clone Wars movie.

    This Poster is BRAND NEW

    Poster has never been displayed and is in great condition.

    Measures approximately 72cm x 102cm.

    Its huge size would make it a great wall feature!


    as far as the OP goes... i think u have been smoking too much crack bob. you need a star wars poster to help ground yourself.
  11. How are her Cats going?
  12. yeah I saw the trailer the other day, I got worried cause it looks like Kirk is shagging Uhura, but it's actually an Orion Slave Girl.

    looks awesome though. I recon they chose a good spock!
  13. :? Yeah I got nothin'