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Some people just can't take constructive criticism of their driving.

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by grue, Dec 2, 2009.

  1. On the way to work today, some idiot started merging into my lane without looking or signaling, as per the norm. So I honked and punched the throttle to get out of danger, then looked over my shoulder, pointed at her, pointed at my turn signal, and shook my head in disgust. Then SHE punched the throttle and came up alongside me and began gesticulating wildly and angrily ](*,) :rofl: I shrugged and resumed my commute.

    I was more amused than angry, but she seemed downright furious that I had the gall to point out her lack of automotive talent. =D>

    edit: I should note I was in the process of passing her, not just cruising next to her in the danger zone.

  2. She wouldn't have said anything if you were wearing more protective gear...

  4. if what you think is a guy riding with an ak47 on his back you are right..

    excellent pic.
  5. I don't know squat about the gun laws here in Aus...

    Could you ride with an fully licensed, unloaded shotgun on your back like the pic?
  6. No open carry laws.
    You can transport an unloaded firearm, separate from it's ammunition.
    I believe it's meant to be in a case.

    You COULD argue the point when transporting a gun by motorcycle, but I think there are a myriad of things you can get done for 'Insecure storage', 'Menacing with a firearm', 'Assault', 'Threatening', etc.
    Pretty much all it takes is for someone to be a little bit scared, and that's enough to make what you're doing a crime.
  7. She's just thinking, "Hasn't this guy seen the TAC ads? His safety is entirely his responsibility. Not mine."
  8. speaerguns work well. carrying my dive gear and speargun across my back, riding through newcastle from mereweather, copper gave me some looks but it was unloaded :)
  9. Should've stopped in front of the lady and asked the lady to stop for a convo so you can school her calmly. :p
  10. Quite possible she thought you over/undertook her dangerously if she didn't know you were there in the first place.
  11. Yeah, a few guys I used to shoot with rode bikes to the range each week. I carried my Mauser in a bass guitar case and bolt/ammunition stored in seperate panniers. The other guys did the same - SMLE in golf club case and other stuff seperate.

  12. You'd probably be able to add terrorist to the list of charges these days.
  13. yep, if she was doing an unsafe lane change in the first place, shes probably oblivious to where you were and what all the pointing was about.
  14. I don't believe most are oblivious to merging traffic. More likely they just think that the 'sea' will part for them and they will merge. Either that or just keep going till the merge lane is almost out and cut in.
  15. Hehe, I got good chuckle out of that pic.

    Anyway, best thing to do in such situation? IMO, just move on. I can imagine a good portion of people would responding in a hostile way like she did, no matter whether they were wrong or not.
  16. I was in a similar position the other day with a van. I gave a blast of the horn and a twist of the wrist to get out of the danger zone, but when we pulled up at a set of lights I could see the driver watching me in my mirror. I pointed at my eyes and at him in the mirror, and he looked embarrassed and nodded. Maybe next time he will do a headcheck before changing lanes without indicating.
  17. * T&C violation. post removed *
  18. I saw a guy on a bike coming home last Friday wearing a bright orange dayglo top,,,,on the back it said..."Can you see me now asshole" ...lol.

    maybe we all should get that printed.
  19. I can't understand why car drivers often have a negative attitude to riders.



    Yes I can.
  20. You forgot the commentary to explain what we're looking at! :)

    "Pictured is the newly released ‘General Purpose Traffic Pacification’ device model AK47. Compliant with Euro standard EN CE AR-7.62, all EN CE AR-7.62 certified items are effective at reducing type and frequency of dangerous action by motorists within a 400m range. For even greater protection, Riders are advised to consider the General Purpose Motorist Guard (GPMG)."