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Some People Have TOO Much Time On Their Hands

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by dan chee, Mar 6, 2008.

  1. decided to check out that site, rate my plate, to see if i had been spotted or shall i say reported maybe exceeding the speed limit by a small margin, and was pleasantly surpised to find not only my bike, but my car and the mrs car all reported a clean record...

    But while on the site had a look about and found this guy??? he has some months posted 40 different plates a month... i am sure he ?or she for that matter are looking for anthing to report,
    i just thought it somewhat amusing that there are people out there that like to dob others in.... i punish my daughters for dobbing in... i guess some people never grow out of it.. :roll:

    I mean i find it understandable to maybe report a plate a week of sighting something bloody stupid or dangerous (not that i ever have, i may give it a second thought like a very sarcastic, "yeah good onya ya dKCI Head") but to rate upto 10 plates a week, this person must be driving about with a note book and binoculars scouring to see some stupidity on our roads, not like being disctracted with writing down registration plates while on the go is stupid or anything

  2. Had a look on the site, Approx 1500 people killed P.A ,i didnt realise it was that many.

    Anyway I love safe speeding on the bike , thats why i bought it !
    I'm not worried about being caught by 'taxman' , its the police that concern me !
  3. Of course the authorities love dobbers- it's all in George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-four
  4. I wonder if "Taxman" is driving around our streets on the doll and thinking he is doing the comunity a service by "dobbing" these motorists in.

    id love to think my hard earned Tax Money is funding such petty habbits :furious: