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Some people have no respect

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by cardboardtenant, Oct 18, 2010.

  1. I came to pick my bike up from where I left it in the city to find it on the kerb.

    My first thought is one of my mates is playing a prank on me, then I realize something is wrong with my bike.

    The left handle bar is bent and the metal is kinked at the bend.

    I can only imagine someone has either gone to move it or a drunk thought it was fun to ride my bike and dropped it.

    Either way I am not happy and given there are no security cameras around here I am going to be taking this one in for insurance.

    Pics to come when I get home and upload...........

    Words cannot express how angry I am right now
  2. Bummer Sam

    Hope its not too costly to fix.

  3. We'll have to see what the repairer says. Might as well get everything fixed while there if I'm paying all that excess :(
  4. This sucks. I feel for you.

    Hopefully not going to cost all that much to repair.
  5. My sympathies, hope it isn't too hard on your wallet.

    I used to go to tafe with a girl who rode a GPX 250 and worked at a pub, she gave up on fixing it from drunk people 'having a ride' - it certainly made me think twice about leaving my bike out the front of a pub.
  6. Sorry to hear mate !
    Seriously, some people need a proper 'education' !
    Hope your bike is sorted swiftly and inexpensively.
  7. bastards
  8. Ok so I am home

    I called up a bike transport company to move the bike to get it towed to a garage up north. When I mentioned Pro Cycles in Hornsby (where I bought the bike from) he told me he doesn't deliver to them (due to previous bad business?)

    Anyone know the reason why he'd be so against them?

    After a proper inspection of the bike I think I can ride it home which I will do at footy.

    Here is the damage:


    Aside from scratched mirror, handlebar, clutch handle, and my fairing :(

    Must have been a good jolt to bend it up like that!

  9. What do you mean he doesn't deliver.... since when did the delivery boy choose where to deliver?
  10. That's what I am thinking? Anyone happen to know any reasons for this? Over charge customers?

    I rode it home to Botany instead, so does anyone have any places they'd recommend for bike repairs around here? I know there's the suzuki in kogarah which is another dealership similar to pro cycles. Both good and bad stories

    I was considering replacing parts myself but the fairing alone would be 500 to replace. The excess will be $400.....

    Still so angry. And now I have to ride my gfs kwaka on the learner anniversary ride this weekend. Dean isn't going to let me live it down!

  11. Am I blind?! I can't see any damage?
  12. Look closer at the left handle bar..or go and buy a Volvo
  13. left bar vs right bar, left mirror vs right mirror

    unlucky, those bars don't look cheap to fix :(

    EDIT: lol volvo
  14. Theres a Sydney Motorcycle Wreckers & Workshop in Alexandria (23 Euston Rd), On the website they have a parts request section, might be able to get a couple of things?


    Don't know how good there rep is though.
  15. Yeah the left bar is actually aiming up while the right aims down (slight angles)

    The left mirror has been hit hard that it no longer holds in place

    Front fairing has a good 2 inch crack in it now (had a small one around the indicator before) which looks painful...

    Riding it home was horrid as I was almost twisting my body so I could keep both hands on the handlebars.

    The bike ran fine gladly. 10 months of ownership and I was worrying about a little rust on the front disc!
  16. sorry to hear that sam, hope the insurance claim is quick to pay up.
    At least your still coming on the weekend.
  17. That really sucks!
    I have a feeling it was hit by a car and some kind soul picked it up for you.
    I walked past your bike the other day while going to work but didn't notice the damage.
    Thought it was weird for it to be on the kerb.

    I don't like parking it there overnight and have always gone up the hill underneath the bridge or somewhere near Shangri La hotel.

    Hope you can get it all patched up.
  18. Maybe they kicked it over , going by the bent bar instead of having a sit on it.
  19. Thats rough man, good to hear you've got it insured though - I can't afford any so if something happens its wallet up front time.

    People getting friendly with my bike is a pet irritation of mine... can't stand it. I don't mind if you ask and have a look, or if you're a friend you're more than welcome to go for a ride (if I know you aren't gonna drop it), but otherwise stay the hell clear! The other weekend I was paintballing, and left the GSX in the carpark. As I was going in a bunch of people walked over toward the entrance, talking to each other. One leant casually on my bike. (sternish voice) 'Sorry mate, you mind not touching my bike?' Problem solved.

    Meanwhile, I usually attach an alarmed disc lock when I'm not on the bike. If somone moves the bike at all it'll go off and scare the begeesus out of them - not to mention cause everyone to look at what they're doing. Best present I ever got... after my coffee machine haha.

    Hope you get it all sorted, cheers - boingk