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Some people have no idea

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by VTRBob, Aug 2, 2007.

  1. Was heading out on yet another onsite repair this arvo, and moved into the right lane to overtake a milk tanker. No prob done this a million times, BUT as I closed the gap I noticed a little 50cc ? scooter sitting a maximum of 2 foot behind the truck :shock:
    Now I didn't see her [ yes it was a her ] till I was almost on the truck, having a UHF I called up the truckie. At least he knew a bike was there, but he was having hissy fit as he couldn't see the bike and he'd 'tapped' his brakes trying to get the bike to back of or go around.
    Halfway thorough or conversation, she pulled out from behind him and crossed three lanes in as many seconds to make a right turn :shock: :evil:

    I dont think she'll be around to much longer with 'roadcraft' like she displayed. Like for starters how could she see anything other than the back of the truck ?

  2. ..

    I like the diagrams :grin:
    I really don't think anything suprises me anymore........
    but really it doesn't show you need an IQ to get a licence.
  3. No doubt some genius informed the scooter rider of the benefits of 'drafting' other vehicles.

    I have a lot of sympathy for truck drivers, they cop a lot of flak which is often undeserved and they have to bear the responsibility of looking out for people who have no regard for their own safety.
  4. for some reason I can see a scooter rider doing just that.. probaby tryin to draft to keep up with speed .. or something? perhaps saving some fuel lol
  5. Mobile organ donor. Yesseree, they're valuable community members (not biking community, though!)
  6. [​IMG]

    read it, learn it.
  7. Dibs on her liver!
  8. dats a pweetty picture :LOL:
  9. you should tell people like that off

    the other day this bloke decides to drift into the lane as i changed into it

    then he tells me he indicated
    fukin i have never been rascist, but the legend is proving true

  10. not saying this to offend but there, your problem, chances are he checked the mirror lanes was free thenamde to occupy that lane, in the mean time you have started to change lanes

    if theres is a free space everyone wants it, no good laying the blame, you need to watch everything everyone is doing slight movement of head in your direction, chances are they just had a look in the mirror and are coming over
  11. yeh i see what u mean, but we were driving close for a fair while, in that time he did a few wierd things.

    dont worry though
  12. yeah its understandable, we all end up getting uneasy feelings about what people are doing, car drivers majority of the time, just need to remember to keep your buffer zone, never travel beside a vehcile if you can help it, if you are going to pass, do it as quickly as you can
  13. Yeah as it proved to be my only option in that one otherwise hed have either no mirror, or id have hit a friggin bus stop or somthing.

    i handle it professionally, no feelings cos these idiots will kunja up any story to stay right.

    If there were no laws I would hang them from their balls for a day
  14. i'd say nice one, but made for feel a little squirmish there for a minute :LOL:
  15. For real, it would take the jeleousy out of them
  16. [​IMG] @ stupid [​IMG]

    Using truck as wind break you reckon? [​IMG]